How You’ll Know if the Trade War is Turning the Market Bearish

Today, I’ve got our weekly market update video, where I’ll be following up on some of the conditions that we discussed last week as a result of the trade dispute between the U.S. and China.

Is the optimism that investors have held that a trade deal will be worked out – thus preventing a big sell-off – still holding strong?

Or is it time to move your investments out of the market?

In today’s video, I’ll show you a new “line in the sand” that may signal a swing towards a bearish market. We’ll also take another look back at the “Volatility Index” to see if investors are overly concerned about the uncertainty in the market.

How Horse Racing Could Lead to Pot Stock Profits

Every spring, the drama and excitement of horse racing’s Triple Crown draws the interest of even the most casual sports fan.

The pageantry, stories, and sheer speed of this events is so captivating that the kick-off event, the Kentucky Derby, has earned the nickname “The most exciting two minutes in sports.”

To win the three consecutive races of the Triple Crown – spaced only two weeks apart from each other – against the best competition that the world has to offer is one of the most difficult and prestigious accomplishments in all the sporting world.

In fact, since 1875 (the first year all three races were run), only 13 horses have ever won the Triple Crown.

But perhaps my favorite piece of Triple Crown trivia is the name of the very first horse to ever win all three races…

Sir Barton. That has a certain ring to it…

If you look back at the betting odds of the last three Triple Crown winners, you would see that the chances of winning the subsequent races improves dramatically after having won the first leg, the Kentucky Derby.

Each horse saw their odds of winning the next race, the Preakness, improve by at least 30%. Justify, last year’s Triple Crown winner, went from a 22% chance at winning the Kentucky Derby to an almost unheard-of 71% chance to win the Preakness. That increase would prove to be justified (I had to say it), as he would go on to win the race just 2.9 seconds slower than the all-time record held by Secretariat.

And while, unfortunately, we won’t get to see a Triple Crown winner this year, I’ve found another example of prior accomplishments pointing towards future success in pot stocks that could lead to some great profits

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