Here’s Your Ticket to the “Greatest Little Trading Show on Earth”

I remember being thrilled as a very little boy when “The Greatest Show on Earth” came to town. The Ringling Brothers’ Barnum and Bailey Circus would make its way to our area every few years.

They would have a parade through town with the animals, clowns, and performers bringing a carnival atmosphere to the region.

When the circus started that night, I loved the animal acts. The clowns I could take or leave. But what really mesmerized me were the acrobats who did daring feats high in the air. Trapeze acts, where timing, agility, and strength combine to provide thrilling shows way up high fascinated me.

As I think back, there was a good reason that a little boy like me could enjoy the thrill of those seemingly death-defying high wire and high-flying acts without being terrified.

The performers had a safety net.

A huge very elastic net under the acrobats allowed them to attempt amazing feats high above knowing that a mistake would not do irreparable harm.

In The 10-Minute Millionaire system, we too, benefit from several types of safety nets.

Let’s look at why we can sleep soundly at night, knowing that our high-flying trades have the proper “safety net” under them

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