Profit from Falling Interest Rates by Going with the Flow

One of the traits that top traders have in common: they know how to ride the tide, not fight it. When market events send huge amounts of money from one place to another, you make money by going with the flow, not against it.

Well, another big tide of money is about to hit the stock market.

It’s going to continue the largest investment wave in history…

It will have huge implications for your portfolio…

And it’s coming on November 1.

Here’s how to make sure you’re set to profit

D.R.’s TV Roundup: Catch Up on Picks and Analysis of the Week

It’s been a busy time for me in TV Land recently, as I received three requests to appear on different programs this week.

With all of the necessary preparations – as well as getting my regular market analysis and trade recommendations out to my readers – I was too short on time to get these recordings out to you shortly after they happen, as I usually like to do.

And so, today I decided to bring you a “D.R.’s TV Roundup” of the week so you can catch up on all of the analysis I provided to viewers (if you missed it live).

First up was my regular Tuesday spot on Varney & Co., where – for the first time in a long time – I was able to go on TV and not talk about a single trade war related item. With negotiations back on and trade war concerns on the backburner, we can finally turn our attention back to the performance of individual companies.

With that freedom from trade war headlines, my fellow analysts and I delved into some of the positive and negative developments from a host of big names in the market.

Take a look

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