Investors Hold Their Breath as U.S.-China Trade Talks Set to Resume

President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet at the G20 Summit in Argentina later this month, with an eye towards discussing the tense trade relationship between the U.S. and China. Having struggled previously to come to an agreement on a new trade deal, the results of this meeting are likely to have a massive effect on the market. A new pact, even just in principle, could give a huge boost to the market. If the two sides butt heads and continue to fail to find common ground, things could get ugly fast for Wall Street. In his appearance on Making Money with Charles Payne, D.R provides his insight on this critical gathering. Click here to watch

D.R. on Varney & Co.: Why You Should Buy Big Tech on the Pullback

Don’t wait for stock prices reach their top before buying. Jumping in on pullbacks can reward those that are shrewd enough to do so. Price drops in industries which have a positive long-term outlook can provide investors with favorable buying positions. The recent pullback in tech stocks is a great example. In this information-packed appearance on Varney & Co., D.R. discusses why big tech is a good buy right now, and why low oil prices will help make it a happy holiday season for those who do. Plus, much more. Click here to watch

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