Don’t Cheat Yourself Out of Your First Million

At last count, there were nearly 10.4 million millionaires living here in the United States.

And 1,700 folks join that club as new members every single day.

Economic experts refer to those achievers as “Thrivers.”

Unfortunately, about 75% of Americans live and work and dream in a category that the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has dubbed “The Strugglers.”

Thrivers are able to save, invest and muscle their way to bigger and bigger piles of wealth (the group will get another 3.1 million members between now and decade’s end, says the Boston Consulting Group).

But strugglers – while no doubt dreaming of better things – scuffle and scrape and barely have enough to get by.

As maudlin as it may sound, that breaks my heart.

There isn’t a person in America who wouldn’t rather be a “Thriver” than a “Struggler.”

But in my three decades as a trader, hedge-fund guy, author and an expert on wealth, I’ve come to a stunning realization – one that I want to share with you here.

The reason more people don’t make that leap, don’t become “Thrivers,” don’t become millionaires – is that they stop themselves from doing so.

You heard me correctly: They talk themselves out of becoming wealthy.

Today I’m going to show you how to wipe away that obstacle – forever.

Let’s take a look…

Why Not You?

I’ve always liked the best-seller The Millionaire Next Door.

Not as much for the book itself as for the message it conveys.

It’s a hopeful message.

It’s a message that anybody – and I mean anybody – can become a millionaire.

As long as they’re willing to make it a goal – and then work that goal.

That’s the problem: People actually talk themselves out of getting wealthy.

Let me share a little bit of insight – and see if you can’t relate to it.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Doubting Thomas” – a term that’s become a euphemism for a skeptic or even a cynic.

We all have “Doubting Thomases” in our lives. Maybe it’s a spouse … or a close friend … or our broker … or accountant … or a co-worker, or even our boss.

Healthy skepticism can be constructive. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m picturing the folks all of us have in our lives whose personal mission is to put the kibosh on anything that promises change, or that threatens our “status quo.”  (A close friend of mine refers to them as “Debbie Downers” – a reference to the now-famous Saturday Night Live skit.)

You talk about going back to school to improve yourself – and they tell you that you won’t have the time, and won’t derive the career payoff you seek.

You see a job that would open a new career path with promotion possibilities – and they tell you not to go for it for risk of angering your current boss … and warn you that the selection process is probably rigged.

Let’s say you decide you’ve had it with the whole “Struggler” lifestyle. You’re done with scuffling along, barely making ends meet, knowing full well that you’re one problem – a blown transmission, a big medical bill, a car accident, a major home repair – away from financial disaster. So you resolve to get bold, to get aggressive, to change your financial status – maybe even to become wealthy.

And then the “Doubting Thomas” or “Debbie Downer” in your life shoots you down. Almost before you realize it, you find that you’re agreeing with him/her.

And you give up.

You don’t transform your dream of wealth into an actual goal. You don’t craft a “plan of action” to make it happen.

You accept your lot in life as a “Struggler.”


Don’t let that happen to you.

In fact, please allow me to help keep that from happening.

By sharing a little secret I’ve learned during my 30 years in this business.

Time to Take Control

When “Doubting Thomas” starts to tell you why you can’t become wealthy, chances are pretty doggone good that he’ll use one or more of about a dozen different arguments.

Today, I’m going to share a few of the most common ones you’ll encounter- so you recognize what’s transpiring when “Thomas” starts to work you over, even if they believe they have your best interest at heart.  Or especially if they think they have your best interest at heart…

And that’s not all – with each argument, I’m also going to give you the “” to employ to blunt his possibly well-meaning but decidedly “gloom-and-doom” message.

Argument No. 1: “Becoming a Millionaire is a Nice Dream, But it Only Happens to Other People

The argument here is that becoming wealthy only happens to those “lucky” enough to inherit money, or hit the Lotto, or to be born into wealth.

It’s a “pure dumb luck” kind of thing … and a spouse, friend or co-worker will say: “It’ll never happen to you.” Or a financial advisor will tell you “if you start young, and you save your pennies, you could become ‘comfortable’ in 30, 40 or 50 years.

Your Response: Becoming a millionaire isn’t a “dream” – it’s a goal.

In fact, it’s a goal like any other: If you make it an objective, make it a priority and create a plan for “getting there,” it’s achievable like anything else. Like getting a new job, like getting a degree, like getting a new certification. Joining the “Millionaire’s Club” is a goal you can achieve.

And with the simple, easy-to-learn, time-efficient trading system we’re going to be sharing with you here, it’s a goal that anyone can achieve. You just have to say “I want to do this.” And get started.

Argument No. 2: “It’s Too Hard (Version A)

Most investors believe the investing process is like some kind of foreign language that they don’t know, or a “secret code” that they lack the “key” to decipher.

Your Response: That’s just what Wall Street wants you to believe – and it does all it can to foster that sentiment. That way, you feel like you need Wall Street.

Let’s “bust that myth” right now.

Nobody knows what you need, or what you can do, better than you.

I’ve developed a trading system with true millionaire potential – and it’s so simple that you can launch, maintain and profit from it in as little as 10 minutes at a time.

Once you set it up, it runs in the background, putting together a list of stocks and options for you while you’re off working, playing with your kids, having a game of golf, or traveling with your family.

Argument No. 3: “It’s Too Hard (Version B)

This objection is based around the feeling that “there’s no way I can decipher this myself.”

Your Response: You don’t have to.

Not only have I simplified my system, but I’ve also set up this “10-Minute Millionaire” service to let you capitalize. The system will do the work for you.

But I’ll also be your guide.

I’ll run the system for you.

I’ll “talk” with you several times a week – here via my newsletter, in the video updates I share and through frequent webinars and tutorials.

And you won’t just learn about my trading system: As part of these visits, I’ll also share what I know about the markets, about trading, about the best ways to profit – and the secrets for avoiding the losses that can skeletonize your savings. And you’ll get actual trades – profitable trades … wealth-building trades.

Argument No. 4: “It’s Too Hard (Version C)

The argument against us here is that a spouse or friend will try to pour cold water on your new mindset by saying something like: “Oh sure, this another ‘flavor-of-the-month’ self-improvement push … you didn’t see those others through and you won’t see this one through, either.”

Your Response: Words like those from someone who’s supposedly “on your side” can be deflating, I know.

But you can’t let them deflate you.

Not here.

Not with your push to switch from “Struggler” to “Thriver.”

Besides, the 10-Minute Millionaire simplifies this so much that it won’t feel intrusive, won’t take too much time, and won’t seem “too hard.” And you’ll have me here as a kind of “personal guide.”

In other words, this is one “I’m going to change” self-improvement project that you will stick with – because it isn’t hard, and because there’s a clear payoff.

Argument No. 5: “Change is Scary”

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

But taking that first step represents change … uncertainty … risk – and lots of folks will argue that it’s better to remain a “Struggler” because it’s what you know than to risk a possibly worse outcome by making a change.

Your Response: I will be quite candid in saying that I fully understand this.


Years ago, while working as an engineer starting up a new plant, I realized that I needed a change. It was daunting – even scary.

But that’s when I started working on the 10-Minute Millionaire system. It took a long time to perfect, and there were false-starts, dead ends and disappointments along the way. But if you take a dream – like becoming a millionaire – and make it a goal … and then turn that goal into a plan … you can achieve whatever you want.

Not long from now, when you’re a full-fledged “Thriver,” you’ll look back on your decision to change your life and embrace the 10-Minute Millionaire mindset as the turning point in your life.

You’ll view that decision point as a tiny risk – and one that was well-worth taking. You’ll suddenly feel a sense of self-worth – of personal pride – that wasn’t there before.

Part of that pride will be due to the money you’ve made, the security you’ve achieved and the good you’ve been able to do for others. But what you’ll really be proud of is the fact that you took control of your own destiny. You ended the days of believing Wall Street’s claptrap. And you decided to no longer allow “Doubting Thomas” and “Debbie Downer” to dictate your life path.

Maybe you made that decision today.

If so, I congratulate you.

And I welcome you aboard the 10-Minute Millionaire Express.

I look forward to an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding adventure – together with you.

Great Trading,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

60 Responses to “Don’t Cheat Yourself Out of Your First Million”

  1. when you mention triple digit winners in your paid service are you mostly talking option plays and when it is a straight up stock play are your triple digit winners based on the trade or annualized numbers?? for example , you made 5% in 10 days on a trade so the annualized number would be much higher?? Thanks I appreciate your candid approach when you speak. Cheers

  2. I just hope U are NOT way too early re CCJ. We have seen these little run ups many times over last 2-3 years and they NEVER have worked. EVERYBODY is touting uranium. Many many newsletters. Bad sign if U ask me.

  3. D. R.,
    Simply want you to know that I intend, with your guidance, to become a millionaire. Also want you to know that I am an old man, but do not plan to let that stop me. I still work 2or 3 days a week as a straight commission salesman, play golf when the weather is decent, and attend a few University of Tennessee football games in the Fall. I told my son I was going to be rich before I died, but don’t think he believes me. With your help I will make it happen.
    Jack A

  4. Maria Galloway

    I’m so very excited to get into your program! I’m doing the first trade tomorrow in CCJ so I can get some money from that trade to get into your program. I don’t have the entire amount needed at this time, however I will have it. It would be great if you offered a few payments for the program….Just a thought.

  5. the only excuse you didn’t cover ia i can’t afford it, i’m retired and my previous trading has been loss after loss with all the so called professional systems i’ have bought into that has only resulted in just more loss for me, you have built a good case for your system, i can’t afford to pay the subscription, and have anything left to trade with. my trading advice has been so bad in the last three years i have gone from $22,000. in my account to $ 3.500. i guess in my mind, why should i trust your system, i have believed so many experts in the past.

  6. Elwood Tackett

    Thank you and I am very close as to be where I need to begin today and what I have every thing that I need. Thank you for everything and I will continue and I am ready to be very close and I am pretty sure what I need to follow what I am thankful now. Thank you D.R Barton, Jr and I appreciate everything is pretty close and I believe I am about where I need to be. God Bless….Elwood Tackett.

  7. Thomas P. Nyquist

    Mr. Barton,
    I’ve been a “Passport Member for a long time”. I have always learned from you when you are on TV. I have made many good trades from your advice. But, nothing has eve gotten me this excited about learning and investing. I am really ready to be a millionaire. “Bring it on”

    Tom N

  8. Anthony McQuay

    Wow! You make a lot of sense. For years I have had that same mind set that I could not become
    a millionaire, that it is only for the big boys. Thanks for breaking that myth. I am now on board with you for the long ride!!

  9. I’ve been trading stocks for over 30 years and I’ve yet to make my first million. Rather, I seem to keep losing. So, I hope this will be my time now that I’m in my golden years (66). I plan on listening to you and following your advice to the letter.

  10. I am really interested and I found the above article to be very encouraging. Due to an extremely busy workload at this point and financial constraints, I am not able to participate at this time. I plan on being in a better position in 3 months, so I am hoping that you may extend the offer again to new participants in the future. Have a great day!

  11. I really appreciate your info and you’ve given me the path to the goal of millionaire. Of all the newsletters and financial info I’ve read this is the one that shows me the light at the end of the tunnel without having to take 30 years to do it. But the 6-7 years you showed in one of your earlier articles inspired me because I don’t have a lot of seed money but I do have the desire and the small amount of money to start. I’m in all the way . Looking forward to increased knowledge and proving that anyone can do this by following your standards.

  12. D R Barton, I loved your article; it is right where i am. I would have signed for your last promotion, but due to not having a Credit Card presently, declined. However, your analysis is correct.
    I am a 53 yr old professional singer who’s done quite well, but is reaching the end ofhis career; very afraid of his future- losing his money- w/ difficulty switching gears into another career. Fear is a top motivater and debilitater, ironically.
    If you do have advise i will listen, and if there is a way for me to pay (debit or .. check?) please let me know. thanking you much, Marlin

  13. I`m very intrested, but… is it possible to this from Sweden ? If so, how ? I can`t trade options from my broker/bank, who are in the US market. I don`t know if I want a on-line broker… do you have information about what to do, to do this possible ? Regards, Ulf

  14. Jeffrey Belman

    Dear D.R.Barton, I am under no illusions about your service.I believe that you are genuinely trying to encourage people to try and improve their lives. I would love to make a million dollars, who wouldn’t but if I could make even $30,000 thousand with your service I would consider that a great achievement.However, even that would take some time to achieve with limited capital to begin. As regards,your latest recommendation -URI, I could only afford to buy a few shares at the moment, but maybe I will give it a go, even though it means tying up a thousand dollars or so for a few months. Options might be better even though they are new to me.

  15. I Love Hearing about becoming a Millionaire I would Love to become a Millionaire in my life time. Love for you to show me how. I am in Portland Oregon and would love for you to prove me and direct me on how I can become the first in my family to be a 10 minute millionaire.

  16. Thank you for your comments. Yes I want to be successful, The reason I have held back, I need to know what the procedure is and the best way to getting involved. I need someone to fully explain the program to give me the opportunity to begin being a millionaire. Help me to get started.

  17. Giving a fish is a nice thing , I’m wondering only when you get sick and yours service stops . Will the people learn something to continue on by them self – to catch the fish
    I see a lot of dreamers above depending mostly on you , it is probable huge pressure on you making all decisions as good as possible.
    Trough my 17 year of trading I never tough to become a millionaire until this year when I make my plan to. I’m not a dreamer , I need 1 year to do so and less then 10 average trades
    start with $400 was a critical but well planed , now on level two it’s easier , I can repeat level one 1 many times ( which I’m trying to avoid -trying not to loss my concentration ) and go to level 3.
    Every trade is a level. Do you see my plan ? If you don’t that’s good to -It should be secret.
    Otherwise it will be good if you teach people also to follow a plan which encourage many to make trading decisions much easier

  18. I have been trying for years to reach that next level of financial success. One where I am not living from pay check to pay check. One where I can go on a vacation and not wonder how I was going to pay for it or just not go at all. I am still wondering if that day will ever come. I have tried so many different venues and lost thousands of dollars. So much so, I have dug myself into hole and I can’t think about retirement. But from your words I found new life, because if I quit, I definitely won’t gain financial freedom, so the only other option is to keep trying. I’m game.

  19. Had some successes, mostly losers in call options with you plan. Going to start using spreads to increase my account. I don’t need to hit a home run, just get some base hits. I will learn from my mistakes. Listen to my successful mentors and ignore the doubters. I will never quit and never give up. I challenge my trading family to meet up in Boca Raton this winter to share their struggles and successes​. This is more than about making money, this is about changing yourself and the lives of friends and families around you!

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