Today We’re Answering Three of Your Biggest Questions

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  1. Thank you for making your presentations easy to understand. I don’t understand how to do options trades and even the terminology used in them . It is confusing to me and a little scary. With regards to uri trade, is the remaining half after the sell at 25 % gain 50% from original price or 50% increase above price from point after selling at 25% gain?

  2. Hi D.R. Thank you for the opportunity to be coached by you. Like others, who maybe have limited available cash, the higher priced stocks could be out of reach of some until we make our FIRST MILLION (or part thereof). I took a position in URI (minimal on what I could afford and realizing that the smaller quantities will take longer to fruition) and will be watching very closely for your comments.
    Thanks again for the help and coaching .

  3. So when we did the first trade of CCJ or any trades in the future following your program. Assuming we started this journey with $2,500, how much money are we to invest on any giving trade you recommend?
    Thank you so much, I am in the right mindset and truly believe that I will hit millionaire status following this program. I wish I had more to invest in some of your other programs!

  4. Shamsunder Takalkar

    Use of Trailing Stops. As i am working with only a small account, I have bought 10 shares of ‘CREE’, and have a downward protection with 6% Trailing Stop. What is your opinion?
    Also, as I live in Australia and our day is diametrically opposite to your’s, I dont get to see your recommendation till the next day and I can only enter the trade the following day. Should this work out alright or do you have any other suggestion.

  5. Hello, I find these videos very inspiring in fact I find this program totally inspiring, I purchased this package 2 weeks ago, I had to go on a road trip so was not able to join the last 2 trades, but I am very impressed with your record, its amazing and so happy I joined this site, and anxiously looking forwards to the next trades tks for making this site

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