How The Fed’s Recent Move Plays Right Into Our Millionaire-Making System

When it comes to following the Federal Reserve’s movements, I’m a bit of an expert.

I’ve been tracking the Fed for almost 20 years – which makes me one of the most qualified Fed announcement “Decoders” you can find.

It’s for that reason that Money Morning sought me out early this week and asked me to host a Facebook Live event and react to the Fed announcement in real time.

I’ve included the video down below for you to watch for a very important reason.

How the markets react to Fed decisions is just another proof point to what we’ve been saying since the onset of our journey here together – the market is driven by emotions.

Typically, after a long-awaited reveal, like an interest rate hike, the markets go into a whipsaw motion.

But, as I’ll explain in the video, what we saw immediately following the announcement was very interesting.

Better yet, now that the Fed has raised rates, I’ll show you where we’ll be looking for our next millionaire making opportunity…

Great trading,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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  1. Next month the G20 meeting, I believe, is July 7th. One analyst claims that gold drops significantly after these meetings. I’m not sure what to do as I mostly trade precious metals. Would it be prudent to perhaps trade an inverse ETF?

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