With Each Wasted Tick, You’re Letting Your Chance at Millionaire Status Disintegrate

If you want to be a successful investor…

One that flips the script on Wall Street, consistently pockets gains that beat the market and one that achieves the financial security they’ve always longed for…you need to not only understand, but respect one thing – time.

As traders, time is our single-most valuable resource…

It’s also the scarcest.

That’s because it is the one commodity that you can’t create more of.

In all of my years in this business, the importance of time is one of the key elements to trading that everyone underestimates.

And as a result, I’ve watched that misused time leave hundreds of investors in financial ruin.

That’s why time is a central element of our system.

It’s designed to take and use short blocks of time… and combine it with a trading strategy that has the power to put you firmly on your path toward millionaire status.

But the story doesn’t end there…

Today, I’m going to show you how each tick of the clock you hear directly impacts your path toward lifelong wealth…

Ten Minutes to Wealth

Here at The 10-Minute Millionaire, we focus on 10-minute blocks of time quite a bit.

And there is a good reason for that.

You see, most of us fritter away 10 minutes without a second thought…

We’ll waste it watching a TV show we have absolutely no interest in…

We’ll waste it surfing the Net . . . jumping from one link to the next on the mindless trivia shrewd e-commerce marketers refer to as clickbait

We’ll waste it daydreaming . . . about nothing in particular.

We listen as those ticks of the clock run off-indeed, disappear-without a single pang of regret.

But what most would-be millionaire don’t realize is that each wasted tick is disastrous to your wealth.

In fact, what if I told you that with each 10-minute interval you waste, you’re potentially flushing away $1,000, $10,000, or even $100,000?

That’s not an exaggeration.

In the time it takes to…

  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Make your bed
  • Respond to a handful of emails
  • Get in a little exercise
  • Or even just pay a bill online

You could be flushing your entire life savings down the drain.

But time doesn’t have to be the enemy.

In fact, used correctly, time can become a trader’s greatest ally.

You see, if we properly direct and focus our time – even as little as ten minutes per day – we can add hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to our net worth.

Indeed, over time, those ticks of the clock could add millions.

And I can prove it.

You already know I’m a big believer in the maxim, “It’s always better to show than to tell.”

So to illustrate my point, let me share another story . . .

One that happens to be a favorite of investing icon Warren Buffett-the “Oracle of Omaha.

When $30,000 Becomes $2 Trillion

Years ago, in an essay titled “The Joys of Compounding,” a then-32-year-old Buffett shared this story.

I have it from unreliable sources that the cost of the voyage [Spanish Queen] Isabella originally underwrote for Columbus was approximately $30,000. This has been considered at least a moderately successful utilization of venture capital. Without attempting to evaluate the psychic income derived from finding a new hemisphere, it must be pointed out that . . . the whole deal was not exactly another IBM. Figured very roughly, the $30,000 invested at 4 percent compounded annually would have amounted to something like $2 trillion.1

Buffett makes two very important points here.

The first is about focus . . . about not wasting the capital that we have.

And the second is about time-and the powerful ally it can be.

The bottom line: even trifling sums must be invested with care. To the Oracle of Omaha, wasting 30 grand represents not the loss of $30,000 . . . but an opportunity loss of $2 trillion.

Just think about that for a minute . . .

And just as money wasted now represents a potential fortune not reaped in the future, time wasted now is also a fortune not earned.

In some ways, it’s a bigger deal to waste time than it is to waste money. Because like we mentioned earlier, time is the one commodity that you can’t make more of.

After all, if you spend a dollar, you can always find another.

But once you waste a minute . . . or five minutes . . . or 10 minutes . . . those ticks of the clock are gone . . .

Forever . . .

The key is making time work for you.

10 minutes-properly applied-will let you wrest your financial freedom back from that Goliath we know as Wall Street.

That’s the true power of our 10-Minute Millionaire system.

You see, all the other trading systems out there  . . . out of all these strategies-the approach I’m to teach you here is the simplest, the easiest to understand and execute, and is the one that you’re most likely to stick with.

That makes it the system that’s most likely to make you wealthy.

Because once you learn it, set it up, practice it, and allow it to run, you’ll be able to maintain it in 10-minute increments.

With my strategy, those 10 minutes-employed at regular intervals, can and will:

  • Halt your financial bleeding. . . .
  • Thwart the financial “enemies”-Wall Street, the taxman, and the “regulatory cesspool” we know as Washington-that threaten the well-being of your family.
  • Neutralize the external geopolitical, economic, and financial market events that have obliterated lifetimes of hard work, sacrifice, and disciplined saving that so many Americans have engaged in.
  • Restore your financial confidence so that you again feel compelled to pursue your personal dreams.
  • And put you on a path that will end with your becoming a superpower-a financial superpower . . . a millionaire . . . a 10-Minute Millionaire.

And with the easy-to-use tools and strategies we’re going to look at during our journey here together, you can do all of this . . . in increments as small as 10 minutes a day.

That’s what the 10-Minute Millionaire is all about . . . taking and using that time . . . and combining it with a trading strategy that positions you for one decisive investment victory after another-with overall victory as the goal.

In this case, I’m defining victory as financial independence-millionaire status.

And here at The 10-Mintue Millionaire, I’m going to show you just how to get there.

I’m going to show you a system that will let you become a true market millionaire.

In fact, just by understanding that time is a scarce commodity . . . that time deployed in 10-minute increments can be transformed into meaningful wealth-you’ve already begun to adapt the right “Millionaire’s Mindset” you need to stick to this system.

And from that mindset flows a wealth-building strategy that will be employed over and over again.

Day after day…

Week after week…

And year after year…

Always in 10-minute increments…

Until each and every one of you has achieved the sort of wealth you’ve always dreamed of having.

Great trading,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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  2. I receive the 10 minute millionaire email almost every day. Is there a service I must join to get the trades for 10 minute millionaire? If so, what is the cost? I have not made any money from following any trade service to date and I am very reluctant to invest more money in a service if I am going to get the same results as the other services. Some of them have been with your parent company. What makes 10 minute millionaire different from all the other services offered by your parent company?

  3. How do you arrive at your stated “4% every two weeks” average? I’ve been with you since the end of May and every recommendation you’ve given is down except one… and it’s starting to fall now too. Is this normal?

  4. I am hoping i can work for another 2 years without health problems before i retire. I know ss is not gunna be enuf t support myself. I really don’t want to work anymore. Tired. Do yu have solutions?

  5. I have read 10 pages of your script and have yet to get to any serious comments as to how to test drive your proposals. Do I have to buy something, invest in something, or what? Lets put time in its right place. Don’t waste time with sails pitches, just give me the facts on what I need to do, and what is your track record over the past 10 years? Where do you get Fed. and treasury cash-flow information?

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