From Zero to 30,000 – How This “Dual View” Will Make You a Millionaire

My first job right out of college was with Du Pont. A brand new chemical engineer, I got my start working on the sprawling Savannah River Site.

I still to this day remember packing up my things and heading to the lush South Carolina landscape – bright-eyed and ready to begin my career.

It took me a few years, a lot of hard work – and after helping in the startup of a multi-million dollar chemical plant, and being called on to lead a much bigger start-up of a uranium waste processing reactor – I was moved to “The First State” to work in the heart of DuPont – its headquarters.

I brought on to lend that plant start-up experience in the design and construction of a cutting-edge aerospace composites plant.

I look back at my entire time as a chemical engineer very fondly.

But it’s the times that I worked with chemical plant startups that resonate the strongest with me – even to this day.

Looking back, one of the great things about running a chemical plant startup is that I got to see the plant from two distinct points of view…

The first was the 30,000-foot view…

I could see where this plant fit in with DuPont’s corporate direction (adding new product lines) and I also could see a finished plant working well while making parts earmarked for F-15 fighter jets and the Space Shuttle.

But I also got to see a very detailed view of the plant…

I was intimately involved as each valve and every pump was installed and tested. I went from that granular perspective to see parts come together and then tested to witnessing the whole system working in tandem when the plant was completed.

That dual view meant I knew every inch of the startups I worked on – from the concrete foundation of its buildings to how each moving piece – each switch and lever – worked together to make the finished project.

As a trader, I carried that perspective to our 10-Minute Millionaire system.

In fact, our dual view is what makes our journey together so unique.

We combine the 30,000 view -our market narrative – with a very detailed knowledge of the moving pieces that make up our system to put us on the fast track to millionaire status.

And today, we’re going to develop that dual view by digging deeper into the core of our 10-Minute Millionaire system – identifying extremes.

And we’ll use one of our favorite “go to” tools to do it…

Our “Swiss Army Knife” in Action

Finding profitable extremes in the market is the driving force behind our 10-Minute Millionaire system.

And, over the course of our journey together, we will look at all of the tools our system uses to whittle down the wide universe of stocks – over 45,000 that are traded on exchanges worldwide – to the handful that offer the best odds of handing us gains.

Starting today…

Right now…

Moving Average

A moving average (MA) is the mathematical average of the closing prices for a set number of days for that of the stock we’re investigating. It tells us the “fair price” for a stock based on the last 2.5 months of trading activity.

If the current price is above the moving average, that’s generally a positive sign.

If the stock trades below this line, that is typically a negative sign for a stock.

With my favorite tool to smoking out profitable extremes in the market – moving averages.

Now, most of you should recognize the term moving average.

Back in May, I introduced you to this Swiss Army knife of indicators.

For 10-Minute Millionaires, moving averages are a great way to discover a stock’s trend – where its price has been and where it is going.

In fact, moving averages are perhaps the most versatile and useful tools in our technical indicator toolbox.

Today, we’ll be talking about a specific moving average that plays a key role in our 10-Minute Millionaire system – the 50-day moving average.

Now, if an MA is designed to tell us the “fair price” of a stock – key moving averages like the 50-day moving average become something of a “line in the sand.”

Most investors refer to it as important support or resistance levels.

And that makes them very helpful in finding potentially profitable extremes.

To give you a better picture, let me show you an example of all of this in action….

Fast-Paced Profits

In February, my 10-Minute Millionaire Elite service, Stealth Profits Trader targeted an extreme in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange stock – CME Group Inc. (Nasdaq: CME).

Like many stocks, CME took off after last year’s presidential election and broke through its 50-day moving average.

You can see the action unfold here… but pay close attention to what happens after the election…


As you can see, in the months that followed, CME behaved like most strong stocks do – it ground higher in a series of small, incremental steps.

But it wasn’t until mid-February that the stock finally came down and tested its 50-day MA.

With no follow-through to the downside, we entered the trade there.

As you can see, the moving average did a beautiful job of defining the extreme for this pullback.

That led to a beautiful 219.5% profit in less than three weeks.

That’s the true power of the 10-Mintue Millionaire system. It is designed to target the optimum moment for us to jump into a trade to pocket fast-paced gains just like CME.

And that wouldn’t be possible without this simple-but-powerful indicator.

They give us great insight into the nature of market movements that is invaluable information for our system.

In fact, last weekend, I showed you how this same 50-day MA is helping us understand where the market is heading next – and if, and when, our current narrative might change.

Now, remember, moving averages are just one piece of the 10-Minute Millionaire puzzle. And as we continue our journey together, I promise we’ll assemble that puzzle together – piece by piece until it all comes together.

Stick with me… stick with this system… and soon you’ll be sitting atop the lifelong wealth you’ve always dreamed of.

Great trading,

D. R. Barton, Jr.

Editor’s Note: There’s still time to join D.R.’s 10-Minute Millionaire Elite service Stealth Profits Trader. Each week, D.R. peruses his “watch list” of potential trades, and singles out and shares the very best ones with his VIP subscribers. Just since Jan. 5, D.R.’s 10-Minute Millionaire Elite members have pocketed 28 wins of 100% – or more. If you want to check it out – to see what he’s doing – give us a call at 1.888-384-8339.

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