If We’re Going to Do This Together, I Need Just One Thing From You

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  1. My mother -blesse her soul- was very feminist and hoped and prayed for the day that she
    will be able to have a trust to help battered women and help the ones who needed funds
    to get marred. GOD willing I shall be able To make hr dream come true -Amen.
    Thank you for you interest.

  2. Hi D,R,
    I am a new subscriber of yours and in a short period of time, I am enjoying your educational video . You are awesome, I have not traded anything yet on trades you suggest cause you did not send me one yet but I am watching all your videos.
    I want to make my first million through your guidance, I need $650,000 to pay for the property I am living now. I am old and do not want any mortgage payment anymore, I really hope and pray that I can make my first million working with you.
    Sad to let you know that I paid $2500 on another program and not making money at all for almost a month now on the suggested trades, I am disappointed with your colleague in the Money Map, I hope you will be the best one.
    Best regards,
    Rosar Ong

  3. Hi D. R.
    Where can I find the trade you are suggesting . I am rwady to trade. I have been conditioning my brain and myself as a millionaire, I like to make my millions and ready to follow all the teachings you post in the videos, I want to know more while starting to make money, I will appreciate to receive the trade.
    Rosar O,
    Las vegas Nevada

  4. Hi D.R.: Thank you for your 10-Min Millionaire newsletters and wonderful educational services. I have learned a lot from you. One thing I wish you could do to help me is to make your recommendations more explicit and clearer. For example, back in March, you recommended the option “CCJ Jan. 19, 2018 $8 Strike Calls (CCJ180119C00008000)”. You meant buying this call option, not selling it. Correct? Also, if I currently have not had bought this call option, is it still good for me to pursue this or other trades you have recommended in recent months? Once again, thank you very much. T

  5. In the next few years I would like to retire from the labor job I’m in. In making a million would pay off some bills, would give me enough money so I can see my sons that live in other states, one in Denver, other in Detiot. Oh I forgot I live in Wa. State. I found the 10 minute millionaire on money map adds, I felt I need more help picking the right stocks to buy and sell. It’s hard when some are saying the sky is going to fall, and others the nothing can stop the growth, stocks market is world of its own. I know there is money to be made I have 500 but at the same time I’ve lost 3000 in the last year. The wins have not out performed the losses. These are not just with 10 minute put with all the advice I’ve received form money map group in which I have their services. I have too much in ccj to be able to invest in other stock. I also see that when stock buys and option buys are on the same company the stock hold ends up the loser. I do not have a lot of money to invest with. I am trying to hang in there to make this work. I’ve tried to get option clearance that seem to go on ware. Because some not you advise buying calls or puts. I do like way finish with God bless.

  6. Hi DR
    Thanks again Happy Independence day.
    First I really appreciate the openness of this service and the direction of it. I appreciate your time and effort. in producing this service. I appreciate the continual updates on what is relevant for the trades. This is what keeps my hand steady. What ive needed is someone who I am able to copy and learn to see what you see.No number of courses have been able to help with that. What brought me here is that I have spent many tens of Thousands of $ on courses and I understand the way the system works but I was not able to get my head into the ins and outs of where when how and why. Some of that was fear as I had a method I used and I did very well then Things turned bad and my account blew up over time and that was that. I have been nibbling at the sides again over recent years. This year things have become a bit more urgent with some health issues and with little money have had to try and bring things forward somewhat. With my first million I really wish to not have to work all day and be exhausted at the end of itso to be able to reach my community who I see so much hurt and devastation with relationships families Drugs and the list goes on. When I can establish the things that need to be set up then we will be able to implement some of these things in a broader way in other areas. I could go on but I wont or you will be here for a very long time. Just a coment on the way the trades are given. Because I and I think many others have only a small amount $ available it would be very helpful to have some trades where small amounts could be used. Thanks again

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