How Our System Will Keep Us “In the Game” When the Coming Market Storm Hits

I have bad ankles. 

While playing basketball, I have dislocated my right ankle, torn ligaments in both my right and left ankle, and severely sprained each of them so many times that I’ve lost count. 

All told, I’ve been in a cast four different times with busted up ankles.

But I continue to play basketball.

I love the game.

And, over the years, my ankles have kept reminding me that they are my weakest link.

Earlier in my round ball career, I used a quick first step to blow by unsuspecting defenders on the basketball court. 

However, with two bad “wheels,” I can no longer count on a quick move as a primary offensive weapon. 

Now I use long range shooting, an assortment of ball fakes, and more than a touch of guile to put points on the board.

The key is I continue to play. 

I’ve simply learned how to properly protect myself.

To enable my continued participation, which some might see as courageous, I use ankle braces. 

Quick Aside: For the record, neither my personal doctor nor my orthopedic surgeon considers my continued play as particularly “courageous.”

They have preferred to use terms such as “medically unsound,” “ludicrous,” and “testosterone-driven ego” to describe my continued involvement.

I have discovered – through experience – that throwing on just any ol’ drugstore brace is a recipe for disaster.

Not only do the cheap versions fail to provide the protection that I need, they are usually so restrictive that my on-court performance goes down as well.

But the right braces – ones that provide protection and allow me to move freely – help me get safely back on the court time and time again.

I’ve found that the same is true for many traders and investors.

Some use no protection at all – leaving their positions open to devastating moves against them.

Others use certain tools for protection but don’t set them correctly – limiting the possibility for optimum protection and profits.

But not us.

Here at The 10-Minute Millionaire, we have a system in place that has protection and proper risk management at its very core. 

As I’ll show you in a minute, our strategy utilizes two key components in its risk management plan to keep us in the game and scoring points no matter what kind of market we are facing.

And right now, we need it more than ever