Our Latest Pro Win: 410% on BAC

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  1. Hello D.R. Barton,
    I have enjoyed your trading method and have read your book. Thank-you for illustrating how to find the extreme , frame the trade, and then harvest the profit. I have signed up for Stealth Profits Trader so I am not going to renew my 10-Minute Millionaire subscription. I do have a comment on what I think I am seeing. Both of these services seem to have information on getting into the trade for both the option and plain stock. However, there seems to only be information on the option for booking profits. I may be missing something but that is what I have noticed. I am actually using a portion of my 401K to trade with. But not allowed to do option trading with it. I am in the process of setting up an account with some of my saving to do option trading using your advice from Stealth Profit Trader.

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