D. R. Live (And Unauthorized) At The Black Diamond Conference…

I just returned from the elite and rather secretive Black Diamond Conference in Florida, where I gave a seminar called “Extreme Trading Live”…alongside trading legends like Shah Gilani, Tom Gentile, and Chris Johnson.

It was so secret, even my editors were not allowed to attend.

Some parts of the conference were officially taped and my Stealth Profits Traders and 10-Minute Millionaire Pro subscribers should have their hands on a copy of those recordings soon.

But what I didn’t reckon on was a rogue Promotions Director with a cell phone camera…

After the conference, she forwarded some completely unauthorized shots to members of my team.

Since the cat was out of the bag, I thought I might as well share them with you, too. I won’t deny, I thought it would make a fun weekend issue – a bit of a “behind the scenes” look at the conference.

So…here I am at my book signing outside the seminar. Attendees were so patient to wait in that long line and so gracious. The signing lasted over an hour and we actually had to do more the next day…


And here is a very short and grainy clip of just 28 seconds of my actual seminar where I’m debriefing a trading exercise (this was DEFINITELY not approved).

One of the themes I talked about at the Black Diamond Conference was the ongoing positive effect that the tax reform changes were going to bring to individual companies and therefore to the markets as a whole.

And there’s another BIG positive out there – a factor that becomes an “AND” statement with tax reform.  That means we have the monstrous effect of U.S. tax reform AND…

Improving global economic health.

And that’s huge, because it means market don’t have just one engine pushing them higher but multiple ones.  Here’s a chart from Credit Suisse showing just how strong global markets have been to start the New Year:


The EM in the chart above is the Emerging Market returns, while US is, well, the U.S. and EAFE represents Europe, Australasia, and the Far East.

With all of these regions pulling strongly on the oars of economic growth, we have a scenario where small to medium disruptors can be easily absorbed by the broader whole.

And that means that trades that look to capitalize on short term strength – like our 10-Minute Millionaire QQQ options trade from this week have a high probability of bringing us large and fast profits.

Have a great weekend, 10-Minute Millionaires. I’ll talk to you early next week, when we check in on our “Shutdown Trade” and see if our options have gone in the direction we expected.

Great trading and God bless you!

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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  1. It will sink in…. I have faith in
    D.R. being sincere in passing to us the Thanksgiving Platter of Abundance for Anyone following ‘Logical Probabilities’ and learning to not include emotion—In THIS aspect of our each and every different lives.

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