How We’re Pricing the Tax Cuts Into the Stocks You Own

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  1. Brendan Valentine

    Thanks for this D.R. – Really appreciate your analysis as a student of rules-based trading and the markets. I personally am studying an approach that looks for supply and demand as opposed to support and resistance. Would it be possible to speak to how supply and demand factor into your trading analysis – perhaps in a D.R. Unfiltered? Thanks again and always appreciate your awesome trades via Steal Profits Trader. All the best. -Brendan

  2. Hi D.R, I am an 80 year old man and my wife and I have had very serious health problems for over thirty years. To make a long story short, we have lost most everything except our house and live off of SS. Yet, most of that is spent on medical. I have traded on line with little cash throughout the years trying to make enough so we don’t lose on our house, but have mostly lost. I’ve just started trying your TMM program and mostly trade simple calls…at the money or just out of the money. To keep our heads above even, we need to make the most we can in short periods. Can you tell me a good strategy we can use that would work well with just $500? Thanks a million, no pun intended…..Have a great day….and God bless…..John

  3. Matthe Mindolovich

    Dr. Barton, I just started your program. I have been watching your videos in order. I have a question about the chat in your video. I understand the candlestick price chart, but you referred to hooks in the graph along the bottom of the chart. I haven’t received your book yet, so maybe that’s explained in there. Or maybe I’m missing a video. Was that covered?


  4. Hi D.R.,
    Hi D.R., I just wanted to say what an honor it was to meet you in person at the recent Black Diamond conference. I have learned a great deal through the 10 Minute Millionaire site and your videos. Keep up the great work!!
    Lee Huntsinger

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