“Market Noise” Is a Real Thing – Here’s How to Turn It Down And Profit

I recorded this on Good Friday…a day when the U.S. financial markets are closed…so the markets were taking a blessed break from their dizzy whipsawing over the past week…

In just a bit, I’m about to start preparing for my own Easter celebration with my family. (I’m kicking off the festivities by wearing a springlike pink shirt, as you can see.) I hope you and your loved ones have a blessed and joyful weekend, whatever your spiritual tradition.

And hopefully, this video will bring you just a bit of extra good cheer as you prepare to jump back into the markets after a three-day weekend.

Today, I want to talk to you about “market noise,” what it really is (we’ve been hearing a lot of very loud static lately)…and how to dial it down and profit instead.

We’ll take another look at the reward-to-risk ratios I discussed on Friday (I believe in the video, I misspoke and said Thursday, since that’s when I actually made Friday’s recording). Our reward-to-risk ratios are very different when we have this much noise in the markets, as you’ll see in a moment.

Our two current bank trades are a perfect play for a volatile market moment like this. (Click here to get them, and all other Fast Profits recommendations, for free.)

If you haven’t yet gotten in, there’s still time – and in the video, I’ll show you how to dial down the “noise” for these two trades as the market opens back up on Monday.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, and a happy Passover.

D.R. Barton, Jr.

2 Responses to ““Market Noise” Is a Real Thing – Here’s How to Turn It Down And Profit”

  1. Paul Browning

    I love the pink shirt, how about a tie? I have a tie just like Mr Trump’s red white and two blues striped one, and I am in London, England. I looked in the paper one day, and there he was, wearing my tie!
    I have been looking at 2 Momentum and distance from 20 day moving average 20 Oscilator on sharepad on 5 year stock graphs, and can see that, (for example on ticker NEE), coinciding with each long term price low there is an unusual burst of volatility in the 2 Momentum graph and one or more unusually large dips in the 20 Oscilator graph. The two are clearly not mathematically proportionate to each other ‘though, which is what Hooke’s law is all about, (force being mathematically proportional to extension by some constant). If you try to substitute 2 Momentum and 20 Oscilator for force and extension in the Hooke equation, you get a different multiplier every time, it is not a constant.
    DR, please will you comment on my F=k.X but Ok.M observation?

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