Millionaire Mindset: Trading Secrets from A Mexican Street Market

Today’s video was intended to hit your inbox over the weekend, but owing to some uploading difficulties, it will likely reach you just as I am beginning to unpack back home after a wonderful working vacation in Isla Mujeres.

That’s a pity, because I can’t honestly say it’s “live from Mexico” any longer – but you will still get a glimpse of the delicious scenery and blue sky I’ve been enjoying for the past 10 days…

(Ah…I miss it already!)

More profitably, you’ll also learn a surprising trading secret that we can glean from the colorful Mexican street market you see behind me. (We’ve used it to great effect lately in Stealth Profits Trader.)

This video is the start of a new series from me – “Millionaire Mindset.”

We have a great trading system, but that’s only one part of our success. We also have to think like millionaires…and that happens when we understand our natural human biases that help us in most walks of life, but can be roadblocks in trading. We can gain insights in these biases when we talk to the right people and make the right connections with the world around us.

These “mindset” videos are intended to make a difference in how you see and think about the markets…and that big picture should lead to even bigger rewards down the road.

I hope you enjoy today’s little adventure!

Great trading, and God bless you,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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  1. I enjoyed your video D.R. Barton. I appreciate your teachings and knowledge for myself to be a better trader!. Keep videos for your experiences helps reinforce learning and enjoyment for encouraging me to be the best trader I can be.

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