“The Wedge” Points To Your Next Profits in This Cascading Market

Hello 10-Minute Millionaires!

Frist things first – happy “first day of spring!” Hopefully, your weather today is a little more springlike than mine.

I tried to film this market update for you yesterday, but was having some technical difficulties with my brand-new AV equipment. Not only was the screen pixelated, but my voice also sounded pixelated, if you can imagine such a thing…

Fortunately, that’s all ironed out, and you can both see and hear this version clearly.

As you know, markets have been in a downward cascade over the past 7 days, since that excellent, “just right” jobs report. But not to worry.

Much like winter, this skid market won’t last much longer.

Today, we’ll use our old friend, charting, and our new friend, quantitative analysis, to show you just where your next profits are to be found.

Most particularly, we’ll look at a fascinating technical consolidation pattern called “the wedge” that has some very good news for us.

A bit of a spoiler alert: You’ll want to position yourself for some upside soon.

Great trading and God bless you,

D.R. Barton

8 Responses to ““The Wedge” Points To Your Next Profits in This Cascading Market”

  1. Do you have another service that is more actively trading? I’ve been with you since December 2017 and while I have made some money, there is no way I will get to the million mark at this rate. I am planning on retiring in 3years, but at this rate I will have to keep working beyond normal retirement age.

  2. DR, I am a very new subscriber to your 10-minute millionaire program. I have been a little confused about the triangle pattern, though I did understand that it was a consolidation. Your video demonstrates very efficiently the probability of which direction the consolidation will go. Thank you so much for clarifying this perspective which I have struggled with.
    God bless you also!?

  3. Ramona Greenstein

    D.R., I started about two weeks ago and have only lost money, about $80. I must be doing something wrong. Can you give me five stocks that I could invest in now, March 21, 2018, with the $500 I have to grow my money so I CAN become a millionaire?

  4. John W Ringwood MD

    Though I joined over 6 months ago, just getting started. Noticed in this issue that there was a suggestion of new trades in the 10 minute segment, but when I clicked on it took me to Stealth Trader. Do you have current 10 minute recommendations?

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