Special Bulletin on FANG Stocks: What to Buy, When to Wait

Hello, 10-Minute Millionaires!

I hope this lovely April day finds you well! My Baltimore publishing team tells me that the cherry trees are out in full force in their neighborhood, and in my own yard, I’m beginning to glimpse daffodils and hyacinths.

Coming back to earth… We’ve been talking a lot lately about our major narratives: Fed fear, Trump growth, and the associated headline risk – and how they all interplay and move the markets.

There’s actually another important (and very profitable) sub-narrative I’d like to draw your attention to today – and that’s the fate of the FANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Microsoft and Apple, so properly, FANGMA).

Within the context of choppy headline-driven moves, there’s a lot brewing under the surface of the most profitable stocks in the universe… and if you know what’s going on with each of them, it will help guide your trading into the short-term future.

Later on, we’ll do a deep dive into these companies’ fundamentals, but today I’d like to give you a bird’s-eye view of how to profit.

So here’s a quick look at how to play each stock in FANGMA… plus which one I currently own… and which one I’m going to be recommending shortly in my paid services, and why.

Great trading, and God bless you!

D.R. Barton

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  1. If video is an issue there is an add-on for Firefox and Chrome that will allow you to download the video and be able to review at your convenience. I personally use Video Download Helper. Sometime I don’t have time to watch the whole video but I can always come back to it when I can. Hope that helps.

  2. It is easy to skip portions that don’t interest you. Simply put your courser at the lower part of the screen and move it to where you want to continue. This can also be used to repeat portions that are of special interest to you. All good information!!!

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