The Indexes The “Big Guys” Aren’t Watching – And What They Tell You About Your Money This Week

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend with your families.

As for me, I was up bright and early to record this for you (at 4:30 AM, no less!) before I hopped on the train to make my 9:30 appearance on Varney & Co. (Per the suggestion of commenter Paul, I am indeed wearing a tie today.) In case you missed that TV appearance, it’s posted on our website here.

It’s been a busy morning so far…and a busy start to the week…after yesterday’s big down day thanks to trade war skirmishes and President Trump’s attack on Jeff Bezos through Amazon.

Before we get into what that means for your portfolio, I want to show you something you likely won’t see anywhere else.

Most analysts and institutional traders look at the S&P 500 and the Dow – but you won’t get the full picture unless you examine two other indexes as well.

Of course, here at 10-Minute Millionaire we like to make decisions based on the most thorough information available…

So today we’ll look at those “forgotten” indexes…show why they’re important…and then get a look at the “bigger picture” of what they’re telling us. (Don’t worry – thanks to good fundamentals, it’s a lot brighter than you may be thinking.)

Don’t go away – we’ll have an in-depth article later this week on how to protect your nest egg in crazy markets like these.

Great trading and God bless you,

D.R. Barton

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  1. Roy F. "Fritz" Schoonover

    Dr. Barton – tx for yr commentary. To my untrained eye it looks like there’s an additional support level on the Rus2000 chart between the two you laid in, at approximately 1260. For my continuing enlightenment, why was that one not considered?

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