A Profitable Message – From The Park In London Where You Can “Say Anything”

Hello,10-Minute Millionaires!

I filmed this and wrote Saturday’s issue back-to-back…so the snippets of my travel agenda that you see may be a bit out of order…

But after a slight plane delay, my wife and I have indeed departed Ireland and landed in London…revisiting the scene where I first proposed to her years ago. It’s a very romantic trip, and later, I might even send you a picture of the actual park bench in Central London where the momentous event occurred.

In the meantime, I have a very special “D.R. Unfiltered” for you – filmed in London’s famous Hyde Park, which we have a spectacular view of from our hotel room right across the street.

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I’m filming in front of the lovely Italian Water Garden (because that makes for a more beautiful video – it’s the de Mille in me coming out) but what I want to talk to you about is a less picturesque but more important spot here at Hyde Park, known as “Speakers’ Corner.” This is a very famous part of the park where historically, loud and vigorous debate on almost any subject is allowed. Famous regulars have included Karl Marx, George Orwell, Vladimir Lenin (and of course, lots of hecklers!). In the past, some types of speech, like blasphemy, profanity, and insulting the Queen, were forbidden – but since a ruling in 1999, the floor (or rather, grass) has been officially opened to “the irritating, the contentious, the eccentric, the heretical, the unwelcome, and the provocative, as long as such speech did not tend to provoke violence”.

I certainly have no plans to be offensive, but I do have an important (and profitable) message that needs to be heard today. (It’s about a strategy that’s brought my Stealth Profits Trader readers a chance to close four triple-digit wins this  past week,  and helped generate some impressive opportunities to win for 10-Minute Millionaire Pro members this year, too…so I think it’s worthwhile to pass on.)

After all, what better place to speak your mind?

Great trading and God bless you!

D.R. Barton

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