Every Trade You Make Should Be A “Bank” Trade

Dear 10-Minute Millionaire Reader,

I stringently disapprove of puns, but under great duress, I allowed my editor to put this one in the headline. The “bank” we’re looking at today isn’t Goldman Sachs (GS) or Bank of American (BAC) – it’s a very literal bank of rocks that prevents my back yard from eroding into the creek.

I love having this little stream in my yard – I grew up next to one like it, and it brings back fond memories of boyhood adventures. Someday, I hope my future grandkids will catch minnows and crawdads here too.

Unfortunately the good memories come with a downside – or slide. After about eight feet of erosion thanks to major storms through the years, we had to reinforce the bank with the large rip rap you see here – protecting the land leading up to the house.

That’s a great analogy for the markets right now.

Major indexes have had some “erosion” lately and are now on a good run up, which means we’re beginning to reap the benefits of our latest pullback trade recommendations… over the past few days, we’ve seen two triple-digit options gains in Stealth Profits Trader and two major double-digit stock wins in 10-Minute Millionaire Pro. (You can learn more about our Pro track record right here.) If you took advantage of these trades, I’d love to hear how you plan to celebrate… email me here.

In order to protect those gains, though, we need reinforcements.

New Smart-Metal Melts in Your Hand!

At this moment, a transformational new material is taking the tech-world by storm. This metal is as hard as a rock. And yet, pick it up and it melts right before your eyes. At the same time, add one ingredient and it can withstand extreme heat, up to 4,532-degrees Fahrenheit. Plus its light-conducting prowess has already helped win a Nobel Prize. In short, it’s ideal for today’s cutting-edge electronic devices, including lasers, 3D-sensors, and facial-recognition technologies. Check it out now. Not only will this smart-metal blow your mind, but it could also make you very rich…

That’s why we maintain a very systematic approach and watch our risk much like we watch our profits.

We pick our stocks very carefully with our “patented” three-step approach – “Find the Extreme, Frame the Trade and Book the Profits” – much like the painstaking effort it took to add that heap of stones to the creek bank.

In the end, though, it pays off. (I’ll have some details for you on Thursday.)

It Only Takes 15 Minutes a Night to Set Yourself Up to Make a Fortune

In the meantime, I have two videos for you – one is the “D.R. Unfiltered” I filmed during my recent sunny morning by the creek – and the other is a bit more in-depth chart video that shows you why we anticipate more market strength (and more profitable pullback trades) in the near future, thanks to our old friend the Cumulative Advance-Decline Line.

Oh, and there’s still time to get into our latest free recommendation for Fast Profits, which actually is a bank trade. I expect it to hit 100% by July 1st. Click here to get that, and all future Fast Profits trades, automatically and for free.

Great trading, and God bless you.

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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