I Answer The One Question You Didn’t Ask (But Secretly Want to Know)

Hello, 10-Minute Millionaires!

I filmed this on Friday, but didn’t have time to get it to you – perhaps understandably, as it’s a whopper! I’ve put two ten-minute sections together in one fell swoop, but I trust that you’ll find both of them exceptionally profitable.  

We’ll start with a market update – a quick look at our major indexes, and an explanation of where we expect our next profits to be found…

You could start with a modest starting stake and potentially end up with $162,000 a year. (See how here.)

And then we’ll move on to our latest grab bag of reader questions and answers, which I know you have been eagerly awaiting.

Some very interesting comments here – for instance, from Ann, who is curious about whether penny pot stocks are worthwhile. I think I was able to point her in the right direction…

[Potential $23,441] Make the U.S. government fork over the unpaid funds it may owe you

As well, I was delighted to see Patricia’s question on nanotechnology stocks – in addition to my own experience, my lovely and talented wife, a Ph.D. engineer, kind of “wrote the book” on nanotechnology. So I flatter myself that I have just a little expertise in this field.

And congratulations to Russ, who wrote in to tell us about his recent wins in 10-Minute Millionaire Pro – thank you! You know that I love hearing your success stories, whether it’s in the comments section, or via email here. (You can read more about our recent Stealth profit opportunities here, and find out more about our Pro track record right here.)

But, as you’ve gathered from the headline, there was one question that no one asked…

How often can we expect to win with the types of strategies that you’re talking about?

I can just about guarantee that all of you want the answer to that one.

So I decided to give it to you – complete with some percentages and some very impressive-looking math.

I think it’s an answer you’ll be happy with.

Great trading, and God bless you. If this had been published on Saturday, as I originally intended, I’d say, “Have a great weekend,” but unfortunately, that ship has sailed. So instead, have a great week!

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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