When to Kick Your Trades Out of the Nest

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Hello, 10-Minute Millionaires!

This week, I’ve been teaching church camp at beautiful Camp Pecometh on the eastern shore of Maryland – recharging my batteries – surrounded by nature and especially, birds.

For the past 5 years, we’ve had a resident family of ospreys here at camp – and today, you get to see them in all their glory. I’ve caught them behind me on my selfie camera, but here’s a closer picture so you can get a really good look.

As you can see from the nearly adult size of these “chicks,” they should be out of the nest anytime now (which factors into our trade analysis today, believe it or not).

Sometimes, as you’re well aware, we have seemingly great trades sitting in the portfolio that just won’t move – and the question becomes, do we keep them or kick them over the edge…and when and why should this happen? In keeping with today’s ornithological theme,We’ll take a “gander” at those very questions in the video below.

Have a great weekend, and God bless you!

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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