Extraordinary 11-Second Clip You Will Never See Again

I haven’t done a weekend video roundup in awhile, it seems – so, for your pleasure, I present first one of my latest media appearances…and then, the extraordinary 9-second clip I promised you earlier in the week. (It actually turned out to be 11 seconds.)

Yes… That is me participating in a time-honored Scottish game called “haggis hurling,” which, contrary to what you might expect, has nothing to do with who has the weakest stomach for organ meats. This is literally a hurling contest, where contestants see how far they can toss a haggis from a platform, and still have it be edible on landing.

The current world record for haggis hurling stands at an astonishing 217 feet. I did not break this record, but I did score a “whoa -that’s a good throw” from the judge (you can hear it in the background)

How to Play Oil Ahead of the Iran Sanctions

Earlier this week, I told you that crude oil was in an uptrend, and we’d be investigating that sector for some potential profits. Today, I want to take a slightly deeper dive into the technicals and show you exactly what to expect. If you’re a member of either one of my research services, you should be on the lookout for a specific oil trade before too long. Click here to see more about our recent Stealth Profits track record.

Here’s the small version of me, “Corner D.R.,” with all the details, as well as a general market update.