Time-Sensitive Free Trade from Black Diamond Conference: Revealed

Editor’s Note: A new law could make half the world’s supply of this critical element vanish overnight. Prices could prices rise 881% (or more). But you can do even better.Here’s how this could play out, starting 11/1/18

The Black Diamond Conference is a wrap, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

As you know by now, twice a year Money Map Press brings together some of the foremost experts in investing for in-depth, cutting edge presentations (and we’re privileged to have many of you attend, or watch via live webcast). This past week in Carlsbad, CA, we had the pleasure of presenting to an audience from all over the globe on some of the latest trends in the market. Each of the presenters gave the audience a few trade recommendations to take home with them.

I told you last week that I planned to release one of those trades to you here in 10-Minute Millionaire, and that time has arrived.

This is a very time-sensitive trade on QQQ, the ETF that tracks the Nasdaq. I’ve actually had to alter the strike price slightly from what I gave the conference attendees because it’s so fast-moving.

In fact, while I’m writing this up, the QQQ ETF is trading around 164 – Since the markets have been bouncing up and down intraday, be patient and only place the options trade if QQQ is trading at 167 or below. Set a stop loss at 55% of the premium paid and take profits at 100% gains.

Action to Take: Buy-to-open QQQ Nov 16 2018 $173 Call (QQQ181116C00170000)

And now, I wanted to give you a little background on this week’s volatility, and reassure you that the sky is not falling… yet.

While there have been quite a few pullbacks recently, I’m going to show you why there is still reason for optimism, and how we can play the price dips to profit during this volatile time. (One of those ways, of course, is the trade on the “Q’s” that you see above.)

I filmed this on the fly between TV appearances yesterday, so sadly, you will not get to see my signature special effects, such as the movie magic that is “corner D.R.”

Just click below to watch!

Great trading and God bless you,

D.R Barton

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