Preparation is Essential, and I Have Proof…

If you’ve been following the 10-Minute Millionaire for a while now, you may remember a video I shot in my backyard in October where I showed you some of the struggles I was having with my grass continually dying. If you missed it, you can find that video by clicking here. At the time, I had attributed the problem to improper preparation before the sod was laid – while also making a correlation to how important preparation is to our trading and investing, as well.

And so, I decided to test my theory, and endeavored to succeed where the landscaper had failed. Click the video below to see my results. I’ll also be giving you a sneak peek into a couple of series that I’ll be running in the near future, where we’ll talk more about another kind of agriculture.

You better see this today (it could really take off)

You may well have already seen the first part of my “Morality of Pot Stocks” series the other day – and I’ll be digging more into the topic of this fast-growing sector next week. We’ll also be talking about habits this month, and how we can make our lives a little bit easier by implementing the right kind…

Click below to watch.

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