How We Made a 106% Profit by Trading “Outside the Box”

Today, I got all dressed up to give you an early week market update. I want to show you what’s been happening in the market with some of the huge fluctuations, and the patterns we see developing. We’ll take a look at how the market has reacted after the positive headlines coming out of the U.S. – China trade talks, and where I expect things to go from here. We’ve been bouncing around inside of a “box” for the last 10 days, but which way will we break out?

Also included is a great example of a trade I recently gave to subscribers of my elite research service, Stealth Profits Trader, in which we played a huge price fluctuation to achieve profits of 106%! To learn how you can start to have a shot at profitable trade opportunities Stealth Profits Trader subscribers get every week, click here.

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Click below to watch the video update.

Great Trading and God bless you,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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