D.R. Unfiltered: How the Times Have Changed in the Market…

Today, I’m bringing you my latest “D.R. Unfiltered” video that I shot this week while on the floor of the NASDAQ for a spot on the TDAmeritrade Network.

You’ll get a special behind-the-scenes look at the NASDAQ Studio while I take a trip down memory lane. You see, this is the same studio in which I made my very first TV appearance early in my career as a market analyst.

A lot has changed since the early days of my career. I’ll be talking about some of the companies that have changed on the big board here at the NASDAQ over the years, as well as the big trends that have changed in investing in that time.

Perhaps the biggest thing that’s changed in those intervening years has been the application of new technology in trading, specifically artificial intelligence. Renowned trader Tom Gentile and his brilliant team of computer scientists have put together one of the most revolutionary, cutting-edge AI trading systems in the world. With the help of his Alpha-9 system, Tom has already recommended to close out an astounding 58 winning trades in 2019, often for gains of 80% or more!

Learn how Tom and his team are redefining how to trade with Alpha-9, and how you could ride the wave of the future to huge profits! Click here to see more.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my usual weekly recap.

Until then, click below to watch the latest “D.R. Unfiltered.”

Great trading and God bless you,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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