How You’ll Know if the Trade War is Turning the Market Bearish

Today, I’ve got our weekly market update video, where I’ll be following up on some of the conditions that we discussed last week as a result of the trade dispute between the U.S. and China.

Is the optimism that investors have held that a trade deal will be worked out – thus preventing a big sell-off – still holding strong?

Or is it time to move your investments out of the market?

In today’s video, I’ll show you a new “line in the sand” that may signal a swing towards a bearish market. We’ll also take another look back at the “Volatility Index” to see if investors are overly concerned about the uncertainty in the market.

We’ll also examine the big swing in the crude oil market that occurred today, and discuss the geopolitical reasons behind it.

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And finally, we’ll discuss the U.S.’s most prominent smartphone maker, Apple, and the danger they face amid the U.S. – China trade war, and what you can expect going forward.

Great trading and God bless you,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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