D.R.’s TV Roundup: Catch Up on Picks and Analysis of the Week

It’s been a busy time for me in TV Land recently, as I received three requests to appear on different programs this week.

With all of the necessary preparations – as well as getting my regular market analysis and trade recommendations out to my readers – I was too short on time to get these recordings out to you shortly after they happen, as I usually like to do.

And so, today I decided to bring you a “D.R.’s TV Roundup” of the week so you can catch up on all of the analysis I provided to viewers (if you missed it live).

First up was my regular Tuesday spot on Varney & Co., where – for the first time in a long time – I was able to go on TV and not talk about a single trade war related item. With negotiations back on and trade war concerns on the backburner, we can finally turn our attention back to the performance of individual companies.

With that freedom from trade war headlines, my fellow analysts and I delved into some of the positive and negative developments from a host of big names in the market.

Take a look…


Later in the week, I joined the good folks at Cheddar.com remotely from my home studio to discuss the continued pressure to again cut interest rates that the Federal Reserve is feeling from the Trump administration.

While many traders and investors view another rate cut as a sort of cure-all that would continue to lift markets up, I’m not sold – and I’ll explain why.

That said, another rate cut could have a positive effect on the real estate market. But, if you want my favorite way to play the sector, check out my latest report on “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks” and how everyday Americans can claim their piece and enjoy $1,000 “paydays” every month -thanks to an incredible investment strategy. Click here to get the full story.

Click below to watch my appearance on Cheddar.com…


Finally, I made my last appearance of the week on TDAmeritrade Network’s The Watchlist with Nicole Petallides. For my last spot of the week, I gave viewers two trade recommendations that I believe have great profit potential.

The first is a commodities play that has reached a phenomenal buying position – one which we haven’t seen the likes of since 1994 – and is well positioned to do some catching up. Savvy investors that get in now could see some hefty profits.

The other is a “legacy play” on a company that you may have heard of. There’s an as-of-yet untapped trillion-dollar revenue stream that has the potential to continue the stock’s meteoric rise.

Click below to watch and get both of my recommendations.


Thanks for watching and enjoy your weekend!

Great trading and God bless you,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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