A Look Back… and a Look Ahead

Welcome back, 10-Minute Millionaires!

To all of you based in the U.S., I hope you all had a happy and safe Independence Day.

As we move through this shortened trading week, I want to take a moment to tell you a story.

You see, my wife and I really enjoy the movies, and try to hit the theaters as often as we can. But we really enjoy settling in at home, uncorking a bottle of wine, and unwinding to a cinematic classic or new release.

My lifelong interest in history has made me especially fond of classic historical fiction or period productions.

I remember some classics from growing up.

My dad took me to watch Tora! Tora! Tora! – the dramatic retelling if the Pearl Harbor attack staring actors like Martin Balsam, Joseph Cotton and more.

Outside of being an incredible film, there is another reason why I remember seeing this movie in theaters that day.

I was being amazed that the showing actually had an intermission (which, for a young movie-goer like me meant there was time to grab a popcorn and a soda . . .).

In fact, over the holiday weekend, I was recalling fond childhood memories with my dad-and recounted the day we say that famous war flick.

And he, too, remembered the intermission.

So I did some digging into the history of performance arts (plays, musicals, film screenings, and operas)-and the origin of the intermission.

Now, you might be wondering how all of this applies to your journey here at The 10-Minute Millionaire.

Well, my discovery about intermissions has more to do with our work together here than you might think. 

And I want to share it with you now…

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