How Low the Escalating Trade War Could Drive the Market

The market has experienced some serious turbulence this morning as a new front has been opened up in the U.S.’s trade war. President Trump announced new 5% tariffs on all Mexican goods until Mexico takes additional steps to stem illegal immigration into the U.S.

While that is certainly a troubling development for Wall Street, the greater concern is the negative turn that relations with China have taken. It now seems that dealings have turned somewhat hostile, with both nations refusing to back down. As I’ve said before, China is in a better position for prolonged trade deal negotiations, as they continue to be able to steal intellectual property.

But that’s not even the most troubling action by the Chinese. Territorial disputes and military buildup in the South China Sea have increased tensions to a boiling point. Disturbing satellite images prove China has a new super weapon capable of killing thousands of Americans. Now the Pentagon is racing to funnel millions to a small $6 defense contractor with a mind-blowing new technology designed to put America on top for decades. Once this story breaks, this tiny firm could go nuts. Frankly, you need to see this before it’s too late

We’ll also take a look at some important new resistance levels to watch as the market takes hit after hit with each new trade war headline – and one in particular that I believe will hold and prevent the market from falling lower.

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What Bitcoin and Frogs Have in Common

You may have noticed (if you’ve been following my publications for a while now) that I will often reference interesting wildlife when making a comparison to investing.

I’ve always been fascinated by the incredible diversity of life on our planet – I actually wanted to be a zoologist at one point as a young man – so it should come as no surprise that I was particularly drawn to an article about the recent discovery of a intriguing new species of giant glass frog, which are known for their transparent undersides.


Last month, while surveying an area in the mountains of northern Colombia, a team of researchers came across (quite by accident) a frog that is almost identical in appearance to the previously-identified Magdalena giant glass frog, but which has a distinctly different sounding call.

DNA testing later confirmed that the frog that the team found was in fact a new, unique species which was classified as the Guajira giant glass frog.

This story really hit home for me when I thought about a similar development in the investing world, where a relatively new asset is showing signs of being in a class of its own

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