D.R. on Varney & Co.: Great Earnings Season, but There’s Trouble Ahead…

The biggest week of earnings this quarter rolls along, as one of the biggest names in tech reports after market close today. There are storm clouds brewing on the horizon for the tech sector, in the form of bad press and troubles with China’s slowdown and trade troubles with the U.S. An earnings seasons which has so far exceeded expectations has kept the market aloft, but will it be able to weather a breakdown in U.S. – China trade negotiations?
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Three Things You Should Read about Pot This Weekend

If you’ve turned on a TV or opened a newspaper recently, you know how divided the news flow really is.  Our U.S. two-party political system has spilled over into the news reporting, and into the public consciousness to a persistent degree never seen before.

And regardless of which side of the aisle you’re on, this contentious thought landscape is a not healthy thing.  As a country, we’re losing our ability to have meaningful debate.  Worse than that, we’re losing our ability to even have meaningful dialog.  Worst of all, we’re actually losing our ability to engage in objective and rational critical thought.

Everything has a subtext.  Everyone has an agenda.

My oh my, how I hope to inject a little sanity into a world gone mad.  That’s a pretty big agenda.

But I hope to do it by being transparent – especially with regard to when I’m striving to be objective and when I’m giving my opinion.

And that’s an important distinction, because I’m paid to give my opinion.  I’m paid to pick stocks and other investment ideas and to give them in a manner that gives you the confidence to act.

What I hope I can do is this: in the lead up to developing an opinion – whether it be something as diverse as what stock to trade or the morality of investing in pot companies  – that I can give objective data along the way.  In that way, you can form your own opinion and draw your own conclusions.  Hopefully, we’ll meet in the same spot more often than not.  And when we don’t agree, I’ll respect your opinion, you’ll appreciate my process, and we can treat each other with civility and perhaps be an example for how to have a dialog.

Why did I climb on this soapbox today?  Because in our series on the morality of pot investing, I have to come to a conclusion, I have to develop an opinion.  And I want to show you my sources, resources and thought process.  And I want you to weigh in as well.  Let me know what I’m missing, or what I’m overemphasizing.

In a very real way, this project has helped me challenge some long-held beliefs and to ultimately dig deep enough so that I can speak on the subject with conviction… and clarity.

Bringing that rigor to all of our investment endeavors will pay big dividends for us!

What I’d like to do now is start the process of sharing the resources I’ve been using, to help you with your research into this important morality issue.  And so that you can help find me others that are insightful or useful.

Here are some resources that I’ve found quite useful

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