D.R. on Varney & Co.: The Market Wants to Make a Deal

Today, Stuart Varney posed an important question about the long awaited Brexit and U.S. – China trade deals:

“Suppose we get a Brexit deal… a China trade deal. Would that restore global growth?”

With a number of large global economies showing signs of economic slowdowns, those deals could go a long way towards giving the global economy a shot in the arm. Find out what my fellow panelists and I think about the impacts of those potential deals.

Also in this segment – among a number of other topics – Apple is making a push to compete with Netflix and cable providers with content of their own. Will it be a boon to Apple’s stock, or is their endeavor a bust?

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The Whole Investing World is Watching This…

Today, I’ll be giving you an important market update, featuring one of the four main aspects of reading any chart I presented earlier this week: Eyeballs. If you missed that discussion, you can find it by clicking here.

As we discussed, many investors and traders watch the very same key resistance and support levels that I show you on the charts on an almost weekly basis. We’ve been drawing the same line for months now, and thus far it has held as resistance, sending the market back down.

Well, we approached that level once again this week. Find out what happened – as well as what to watch for and expect from future movements – by watching the video below.

I’ll also be giving you a review of some important news out of the Fed this week, and what it means for our investments. Plus, a quick look at a discussion on sector rotation, which I’ll be diving into further next week.

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