Two Markets Set to Climb, and How You Can Profit

Welcome to your latest market update! In today’s video, I’ll be going over a problem that the market has had over the last 18 months. While the market has celebrated hitting new all-time highs several times over the last year and a half, it hasn’t been able to maintain its footing, and has fallen back down. In fact, I touched on this very issue in a recent article. In case you missed it, you can find it here.

Today, we’ll look at some interesting developments in the market that have the potential to prevent the market from taking another plunge after the latest all-time high. There are some indicators that are different from the previous all-time highs that give the market good odds to continue to climb upwards…

Plus, we’ll take a look at another “shiny” market that has also experienced a strong upward run that also has a great chance to continue its ascent. I’ll be showing you how best entry point to play the anticipated movements to make big profits.

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A Quant’s Eye View of Six Months From Now…

A few years ago, I found myself driving onto the grounds of a posh private Long Island golf and tennis club to meet one of my hedge fund business partners and a new outsider. The new guy was a quantitative analyst (or “quant” for short) who did deep dives into market data to find actionable patterns.

In our hedge fund, we had been following his work for a while and had grown interested enough to see if he could do some contract work for the fund – or maybe even join the team if the fit was right.

This was only six years ago, so you can understand my surprise and amusement when he whipped out his programming notes to show that he was using the Fortran language – which is a throwback to the 1980s. It was the first programming language I used as a freshman engineering student (programming it on punch cards!), so this quant was really rockin’ it old school…

But the results of his aged programming and huge statistics database were pretty cool and quite useful. He didn’t end up working for the fund, though we did contract some analysis from him for many years.

I still check in on his work from time-to-time, and was not surprised to see some insightful data that he churned out about current market conditions. In fact, he’s identified a pattern that’s so rare that it’s only happened 33 times since 1950.

Let’s dig in

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