Back The “Wrong” Contestant (And Make More Money)

I’ve just returned from an amazing trip to Scotland, where I was accompanied by my lovely and talented wife and two great friends.

While we were there, we were fortunate to be staying in a lovely little village called Aberlour – population 970. We were even more fortunate that the regional Highland Games were held there during our brief stay. These games date back over 1000 years and have many facets including bagpipe and drum corps competitions (majestic) and multiple dancing events (graceful). And yes, there are footraces and long jumps where men and women run and jump to the screaming encouragement of the local spectators.

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But the great allure of the games lies in the strength events where huge men in kilts throw heavy stones and hammers and even toss massive logs.

Sometimes, though – as the wise writer of Ecclesiastes observed — “the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong.”

In a surprising twist of fate, I watched a younger, smaller contestant trounce a giant “he-man” at one of the most famous strength events (I’ll show you pictures in just a moment).

And it reminded me very much of a market controversy that’s raging right now – one that could send you home with a nice pile of winnings…if you put your money on the “wrong” contestant, that is…

(Up 50%) I Couldn’t Wait to Get Off the Fox Set And Buy This

My Varney appearance this week coincided with a classic pullback to a key support level in Zillow (Z), one of our star performers in Stealth Profits Trader and 10-Minute Millionaire Insider.  (You can learn more about our latest “Insider” recommendations here.) Zillow had just made its first foray into the mortgage business, followed by a selloff just after the opening bell.

When Stuart Varney asked me how I felt about Z’s recent drop, I replied that I couldn’t wait to get off the air and buy it.

As I explained on the show, I saw a rebound in the making….