Monday Millionaire Briefing: Watch These “Bright Spot” Earnings As Markets Get Slammed

Hello, 10-Minute Millionaires!

I’m writing this briefing from a plane with very spotty internet, en route back to the States after some delightful time in Scotland. But I’ve been keeping a “weather eye” on the markets, as you know….

Disappointment came from the Fed “easy money” narrative last Wednesday. There was no 0.5% rate cut and the expected 0.25% cut was overshadowed by verbiages in the Fed’s written statement (midcycle adjustment) that could imply that no more cuts are coming.

Fortunately, there’s one federal “mistake” that the government has to pay for (and you could profit)

This Company Just Served Us a 100% Profit on a Platter

I have to send you a picture of the very biggest lily pad you ever saw…

Early in the 20th century, one of the famous family heads of the DuPont company, Pierre, bought a huge parcel of land just across the Delaware line in Pennsylvania.

Pierre was one of the true captains of industry in this high growth time in U.S. history. Early in his career, the MIT trained chemist helped create the first smokeless gunpowder. He moved on to become the president of the DuPont company (for a scant five years) and was then instrumental in the early meteoric growth of General Motors (GM) when, to protect the DuPont investment in the failing company, he reluctantly became president for of GM for four years in the early 1920s. By the time he resigned as GM’s chairman of the board, GM was the world’s largest company. So, I guess the investment did pretty well…

I’m mentioning Pierre DuPont, because recently, I went to a concert on the grounds of his former estate…