This Hit TV Show Reveals a Hidden Truth about the Market

During these “dog days” of summer, while many of us are hiding indoors trying to beat the heat, film and TV producers offer a trove of blockbusters to keep us entertained. One of my favorites thus far this summer has been the third season of Netflix’s hit series, Stranger Things.

As I watched, I couldn’t help but see a connection between the show and the way the market is behaving recently…

If you’re unfamiliar with the series (I will try my best to avoid any real spoilers here), the basic premise is a group of plucky pre-teens struggling against evil creatures from an alternate dimension in 1980s Indiana.

That alternate dimension, known as The Upside Down, is in many ways parallel to our own dimension, with some very stark differences. While all of the buildings, roads, plants, etc. in our world are mirrored, everything that exists in The Upside Down has a dark, creepy, and obscured look to it.

And as the camera often illustrates, The Upside Down is just that – a version of our world turned on its head.

When we take a good look at the way that the market is behaving this summer, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch believe that we’ve found ourselves in The Upside Down

Tools You Can Use to Gauge Market Momentum and Find Winning Trades

Over the last few days, the market has experienced mostly flat to slightly down movement after the most recent run up. Whenever a big upward movement cools off, concerns are bound to arise on whether the market is poised to come back down.

Will that be the case this time?

In today’s market update video, I’ll go over some technical indicators that will help us identify if the bears will be roaring, or if the bulls will continue to stampede upward.

I’ll also show you some online tools that you can access for free that will help you determine if a market movement is strong (and thus likely to continue), or if a reversal should be expected.

Finally, we’ll revisit our handy sector rotation chart to see which sectors have outperformed the broader market.

Spoiler Alert: The technology sector, especially telecommunications, have been performing incredibly well this year, and it could be primed to get a whole lot better as the 5G rollout continues. One tiny company could capitalize on the $12 trillion 5G revolution – and give you a chance to make up to ten times your money. Click here to learn more.

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