The Whole Investing World is Watching This…

Today, I’ll be giving you an important market update, featuring one of the four main aspects of reading any chart I presented earlier this week: Eyeballs. If you missed that discussion, you can find it by clicking here.

As we discussed, many investors and traders watch the very same key resistance and support levels that I show you on the charts on an almost weekly basis. We’ve been drawing the same line for months now, and thus far it has held as resistance, sending the market back down.

Well, we approached that level once again this week. Find out what happened – as well as what to watch for and expect from future movements – by watching the video below.

I’ll also be giving you a review of some important news out of the Fed this week, and what it means for our investments. Plus, a quick look at a discussion on sector rotation, which I’ll be diving into further next week.

Click below to watch.

The Four Things You Need to Profit from Any Chart

I love to cook. And that’s predominantly because I love to eat.

Cooking is all about putting different flavors together in a way that delights all five senses.

And yes, one can cook from a set recipe and get a good outcome. But it’s only be learning why different ingredients and cooking techniques work when put together are you able to both understand why the recipe works and to improve on it, especially when the ingredients we have vary from region to region and season to season.

I find the same is very true in trading and investing. There are core trading strategies that have proven over time that they work – like a good recipe.

But because markets vary (like the ripeness of an avocado or orange does), if you understand the key elements of the strategy, you can understand why it’s working better or worse now than usual – plus you’ll know the small tweaks that can make things work better based on the current market environment.

With that in mind, I wanted to send you a quick note today some new research I’m doing