D.R. Barton on CNBC: A Controversial Stock to Add on Every Pullback

There’s no question that Facebook has been under some heat lately. Its data privacy scandal caught the attention of the whole world, sending its stock price way down. But the company has held up. It came through with fantastic first quarter earnings results, rebounding the stock price to its previous levels. If you had bought Facebook on the dip, you would have seen tremendous gains. The first quarter results only accentuate that the company is continuing to grow very fast. Facebook’s recent hot acquisition, What’s App, is proof of this. The app is helping Facebook dominate the mobile business, and 91% of Facebook’s revenues now come through mobile. In this live appearance on CNBC, D.R. predicts what the company will do with their extra revenue, and how it could benefit you…Click here to watch

D.R. Barton on Varney & Co.: His Exclusive Tech Trade Revealed on TV

In his exclusive service, Stealth Profits Trader, D.R. recently introduced a new opportunity in an old profitable friend, a company that has given his subscribers some fantastic trades over the years. The company has generated numerous triple digit trades in the past, and this time was no exception. The trade took 100% profits on the first leg, 98.6% on the second, and an impressive 255% on the third. Interestingly, due to its success, the company is buying back shares – $10 million of them, which puts it at the biggest buyback ever. The stock is one that we should continue to keep an eye on, as it dominates the business of “the cloud.” In this live appearance, D.R. reveals this stock that he recommended, and he tells us a bit about what we can expect from it in the future… Click here to watch