D.R. on Mornings with Maria: Protect Yourself from a U.S. – China Trade War

While I was in New York last week for my regular weekly appearance on Varney & Co., I had a chance encounter with one of the biggest names in financial journalism, Maria Bartiromo, in the Fox Business Green Room. While we chatted, Maria very graciously invited me to be on her show.

And so, early this morning, I made my very first appearance on Mornings with Maria to discuss the renewed tensions between the U.S. and China over trade deal negotiations.

As I mentioned in my video update earlier, China has reneged on previously agreed provisions in trade negotiations, prompting the President to announce a new round of sanctions on Chinese goods.

Maria and I had a great conversation about what is spooking the markets about the latest posturing from the world’s two largest economies, and what it will make market conditions look like in the remainder of the year.

We also talked about how the U.S. has the upper hand in negotiations, what they need to accomplish with any new trade deal, and – most importantly – a few companies where you should be placing (or “hiding”) new investments to insulate your portfolio from trade war volatility.

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D.R. on Making Money with Charles Payne: How the Fed’s Pause Will Affect the Market

The Federal Reserve, after spending much of 2018 posturing for continued rate increases, is starting to pump the brakes as the economy is beginning to show signs of slowing down.

On Wednesday, The Fed announced that it will be keeping interest rates at their current range of 2.25% to 2.50%, signaling some uncertainty about where the economy is heading going forward.

In my latest appearance on Making Money with Charles Payne, my fellow analysts and I discussed both the reasons for the Fed’s change of heart on monetary tightening, as well as what it means for traders and investors going forward.

While the overarching theory is that dovish positions from the Fed would help the economy, there are certain factors that could end up weakening it and dragging the market down.

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