D.R. Barton on Fox Business: The Straw That Could Break the Market’s Back

It has been 10 years since the last financial crisis, which took place in 2008. During that time, many banks were overleveraged, having taken on too much debt. Since then, many U.S. and overseas banks have cleaned up their act. But has the system been irrevocably fixed? According to D.R. on this episode, one lingering issue could change the course of things… Click here to watch.

D.R. on Varney & Co.: Why to Watch Out for Wage Inflation

Company earnings reports have been strong this year – and with strong growth, companies are faced with decisions on how to spend their extra revenue. They have a variety of options: They could invest the money in new plants and technology, they could buy back shares, or they could increase wages. Of these options, investing in new plants and technology is particularly favorable for the market. Conversely, money put towards wages could lead to troublesome intervention from the Fed. With fourth quarter earnings on the horizon, D.R. shares his perspective on what we can expect… Click here to watch