D.R. Barton on Fox Business: Why Upside Breakout Is Still the Highest Probability

In the past week, the market experienced a 750 point reversal. And even the recent highs we have seen have been low highs. It seems that over the past five weeks we’ve been “trading in a box” – every time the market is about to break out, it pulls back again. This has many investors worried that the market is headed for more downside. But in this live appearance on Fox Business, D.R. shares one really important factor that he feels will keep us afloat… Click here to watch

D.R. Barton on Varney & Co.: Up Close… and Too Personal?… with Amazon

Amazon never ceases to amaze us. If its plans to deliver packages to our doorsteps by drone were not enough, it recently announced that millions of its Prime members will be able to have packages delivered to their parked cars. And not just to the car… The people delivering these packages will be able to open your trunk and place them inside if you own a certain type of vehicle. This is a slight revision of Amazon’s earlier plan to enable delivery people to enter your house (with your consent of course). But that’s not all. Not only is Amazon improving its delivery, it plans to expand its business within India – hoping to invest 5 billion dollars in their ecommerce there. In this live appearance D.R. gives his appraisal of the company… and tells us whether it’s best to invest, or wait.

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