Market Narratives You Need to Follow in an Uncertain World

I’ve always stressed the importance of paying attention to market narratives. Great profits can come from investing at the right time before expected outcomes. But it is the unknowns that can cause investors headaches.

I’ve said before in this newsletter that the market hates uncertainty. When the outcome of any event that could have a significant impact on the market is in doubt, every little headline – good or bad – can send the markets whipsawing up and down.

Today, I’m going to give you a video update on the three biggest uncertainties that the market is currently facing – namely the potential government shutdown, the President’s state of emergency declaration, and trade talks with China. I’ll be going over the likely scenarios and outcomes for each, and what it will mean for Wall Street.

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D.R. on Varney & Co.: Great News from World’s Largest Retailer…

This morning’s headlines included the Q4 earnings report of the world’s largest retailer smashing expectations. Among the positives of the report was an indication that the retail sector – and by proxy the U.S. economy – is healthy and growing. But will that trend continue?

Chief among the hurdles the U.S. economy faces is a trade deal with China. While there hasn’t been much news of a resolution in recent days, the market seems unfazed. Will it matter if there is a detailed plan in place by the deadline, or will a handshake and face-value promises suffice? Find out what D.R. and his fellow analysts think on today’s appearance on Varney & Co.

Plus, a look at major issues three of the biggest tech companies in the U.S. are currently facing…

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