(Profit Equation) How to Be Almost As Good As Ed

This weekend – as you prepare to relax and enjoy your Labor Day – I wanted to give you a special look at just part of the “Millionaire Roundtable” that my “Insiders” enjoyed on Thursday…

This week, I discussed reader questions and concerns live on air – and reader R.H. had a great observation that in turn, led me to my trusty whiteboard and a very profitable equation that may serve you well over the next trading week.

In fact, it may help you close in on the phenomenal trading record of Ed Seykota. Just click below to watch

D.R. Barton on Varney & Co.: Disney to Compete with Netflix

We’re all well aware of the way that Netflix has reshaped the entertainment business model. After effectively killing its largest competitor, Blockbuster, the company has experienced seemingly endless growth. It went public on May 23, 2002, and if you had invested $990 on its IPO you would have amassed over $310,000 today. But right now, a new direct-to-consumer entertainment service is on the horizon. Disney just released more information about its plans to launch a new streaming service. Could it give Netflix a run for its money? D.R. weighs in… Click here to watch