D.R Unfiltered: What’s Next for America’s New Stock Model

I’ve finished up my trip to Scotland, but I’m never done helping you understand the state of the markets. So I wanted to bring you this “D.R. Unfiltered” video I made right before the weekend.

A lot more has happened for the markets in just the past few days of August than the whole month of July. Even though the Fed cut on interest rates was expected last week, markets got scared that it might be the only interest rate cuts for the year. Boy have they reacted poorly. Even despite quick gains back from some of the losses, the markets overall are still experiencing unlikely lows.

Truly it comes down to one fact: the markets are the model of volatility, which is the exact opposite of the stability of the walls behind me. So we’re going to be very selective on our trades. We will adjust how we make our trade plays, so pay close attention to my future instructions this week. We’re still going to be bullish, but for more information check this video here.

These Lines Can Tell You When to Jump in for Huge Profits

I hope you’re having a great Saturday so far! I’m currently out of town helping out at a youth camp, but I just want to take a few quick minutes to bring you a market update.

There were some interesting developments on Wall Street yesterday including the world’s most valuable company taking a dive after a mixed Q2 earnings report, while another mega-cap stock exploded after positive earnings.

Today, I want to show you some easy-to-use technical levels that you’ll want to keep an eye on. These indicators are going to help us predict whether the market’s upward momentum will continue in the near term, or whether we should expect a reversal.

We’ll also revisit the gold market, which I’ve mentioned as a great portfolio diversification recently. There are some strong technical signs showing good likelihood of another run up. I’ll show you exactly what to look for, and I’ll also provide you with a price range where I believe it would be best to jump in.

Click here to have a look…