D.R. on Making Money: Tech Stocks Slump-Here’s What to Do

Tech stocks, especially FANGMA, have been down recently. While the Nasdaq has recently hit record highs, lately there has been no clear leadership among tech companies in the markets. Netflix, for example, got slammed. It was down after their subscriber growth report was weaker than expected. Analysts that were polled had predicted gains of 1.23 million, nearly double the actual gains of 670,000 that Netflix reported. In the past couple days, tech stocks have rebounded slightly from their lull, but it still begs the question… Can the markets continue to rally without strong leadership from tech? In this episode of Making Money with Charles Payne, D.R. gives his opinion on Netflix and whether it’s a red flag that so few tech stocks are currently leading the way. Click here to watch

D.R. Barton on Varney & Co: Before You Short Tesla, Consider This…

Condemnations of Tesla are rampant. These range from accusations of problems with their manufacturing to warnings that they are “burning cash.” But a new development in the company has spurred confidence among investors, and the stock is now in the green. The company recently announced that it plans to expand overseas. It intends to build a plant in Shanghai, China, which has the capacity to support a production of 5 million cars annually. Elon Musk is in China right now, putting together new plans for working on batteries and cars. Click below to hear more about it in this episode of Varney & Co., and see what D.R. Barton has to say about the latest developments in the market. Click here to watch