D.R Unfiltered: The Market Isn’t the Only Thing Trying to Break Records…

This week, I will be out of town volunteering at a youth summer camp sponsored by my church. So today, while I’m outside of decent cell and internet range and am unable to check the markets, I want to bring you a classic “D.R. Unfiltered” video as a precursor for my upcoming trip to Scotland.

Some of my longer-tenured readers might remember this video from last year, which shows me competing in the haggis throwing competition during the Highland Games in the small village of Aberlour, Scotland.

These games date back over 1000 years and have many facets including bagpipe and drum corps competitions, and multiple dancing events. And yes, there are footraces and long jumps where men and women run and jump to the screaming encouragement of the local spectators.

But the great allure of the games lies in the strength events where huge men in kilts throw heavy stones and hammers and even toss massive logs. The event I chose to take place in was the haggis throw.

Haggis, the national dish of Scotland, is a type of pudding composed of the liver, heart, and lungs of a sheep (or other animal), minced and mixed with beef or mutton suet and oatmeal and seasoned with onion, cayenne pepper, and other spices. The mixture is packed into a sheep’s stomach and boiled (for purposes of the throwing competition, the haggis is frozen, not piping hot).

The current world record for haggis hurling stands at an astonishing 217 feet. I did not break that record, but I will be returning to Scotland next week to attempt to beat my own record, much like the market has been attempting to these last few weeks.

I’ll be back later this week with an in-depth market update for you, but for now, click below to watch my first-ever haggis throw

Tools You Can Use to Gauge Market Momentum and Find Winning Trades

Over the last few days, the market has experienced mostly flat to slightly down movement after the most recent run up. Whenever a big upward movement cools off, concerns are bound to arise on whether the market is poised to come back down.

Will that be the case this time?

In today’s market update video, I’ll go over some technical indicators that will help us identify if the bears will be roaring, or if the bulls will continue to stampede upward.

I’ll also show you some online tools that you can access for free that will help you determine if a market movement is strong (and thus likely to continue), or if a reversal should be expected.

Finally, we’ll revisit our handy sector rotation chart to see which sectors have outperformed the broader market.

Spoiler Alert: The technology sector, especially telecommunications, have been performing incredibly well this year, and it could be primed to get a whole lot better as the 5G rollout continues. One tiny company could capitalize on the $12 trillion 5G revolution – and give you a chance to make up to ten times your money. Click here to learn more.

Click here to watch