D.R. on Varney & Co.: Great Earnings Season, but There’s Trouble Ahead…

The biggest week of earnings this quarter rolls along, as one of the biggest names in tech reports after market close today. There are storm clouds brewing on the horizon for the tech sector, in the form of bad press and troubles with China’s slowdown and trade troubles with the U.S. An earnings seasons which has so far exceeded expectations has kept the market aloft, but will it be able to weather a breakdown in U.S. – China trade negotiations?
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D.R. on Fox Business: Trouble Abroad Means Volatility at Home

Today, we’re bringing you a special two-part appearance from D.R. on Fox Business’ Making Money with Charles Payne:

Part 1

In the first segment, D.R. and his fellow panelists discussed the earnings misses of a few of the big financial companies that have reported this week, and what impact it has had on the markets. Surprisingly, the market has not slumped as one might expect with less than stellar earnings from the big banks. Find out what D.R. thinks could be the positive results of the financial sector missing on earnings.

Millions could be caught flat-footed (but you don’t have to)

Plus, an update on the U.S.’s ongoing trade deal talks with China, and what it means for your investments.

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