How You’ll Know if the Trade War is Turning the Market Bearish

Today, I’ve got our weekly market update video, where I’ll be following up on some of the conditions that we discussed last week as a result of the trade dispute between the U.S. and China.

Is the optimism that investors have held that a trade deal will be worked out – thus preventing a big sell-off – still holding strong?

Or is it time to move your investments out of the market?

In today’s video, I’ll show you a new “line in the sand” that may signal a swing towards a bearish market. We’ll also take another look back at the “Volatility Index” to see if investors are overly concerned about the uncertainty in the market.

Here’s Why Tariffs Won’t Sink the Market

I hope you’re all enjoying your Saturday! I just wanted to bring you a quick market update video to help you make sense of the market during all of the craziness amid the China tariff troubles. The posturing from the world’s two biggest economies have driven the market down from the all-time highs to a very important support level. That level will bear watching, as it will give us our cues on how we should be trading.

I’ll also show you some compelling evidence for why I believe traders are telling us that there is optimism for a trade deal to be worked out. That optimism will keep traders from fleeing to safety, and will hopefully help prevent a big sell-off and keep the market from spiraling downward.

Finally, I’ll provide a brief update on one of the investments I’ve been touting lately as a great way to protect your portfolio from the stock market pullbacks that could still occur as the U.S. and China continue to duke it out.

Click below to watch…