An Off-Script Start As Stuart Varney “Throws Me Under The Bus…”

This week – as you know – I’ve been traveling through Ireland and England with my lovely and talented wife Cathie. After an evening of Irish pub music (and perhaps a Guinness or three), we’ve flown to a new island and are enjoying one of my favorite cities in the world – London.

London is the undisputed king of stand-up comedy and we’ll be spending tonight at one of its fabled stand-up venues. Tomorrow it’s off to London’s excellent zoo and dinner at the famous Simpson’s on the Strand.

The markets never seem to vacation at the same time as I do – which is why I haven’t completely unplugged…and a good thing too, since Stealth Profits Traders scored four triple-digit wins this week! Congratulations, and please do send me a note here and tell me your success story.

But since I am technically on holiday, this weekend I just wanted to send you a quick, funny behind-the-scenes story from my latest appearance on “Varney & Co.” (And link you to the episode, in case you missed it!).

D.R. Unfiltered: Making Triple Digits in A Two-Way Market

Hello, 10-Minute Millionaires!

I’m still in Baltimore wrapping up the exciting project I mentioned earlier – so I’m filming this live from our stellar Customer Service department, enjoying their snappy mid-century design…

Before I head upstairs to grab some lunch from the taco truck that’s providentially here today, I wanted to leave you with a few quick thoughts…

Right now we’re trading in a two-way market, stuck between support and resistance. We’re not going to see an unbroken run up like we did in 2017, and that means we have to be exceptionally choosy in how we pick our trades. As Stealth Profits Traders and Ten Minute Millionaire Pro subscribers know, choosiness has paid off for us lately. (More on that in the video…)

In general, the concept of “two-ways” is so very important for us here at 10-Minute Millionaire