D.R. Barton on CNBC: How to Trade Amazon Right Now

Bezos has taken a political stand against Trump through his ownership of the Washington Post. And consequently, Trump could have a personal vendetta. He may continue to use his resources to get back at the CEO. But what does this mean for Amazon as the biggest company in online retail? According to D.R., its next 3 to 12 months could be a very rocky ride. Here’s D.R.’s thoughts on how to take advantage of pullbacks in the stock right now… Click here to watch.

“Market Noise” Is a Real Thing – Here’s How to Turn It Down And Profit

I recorded this on Good Friday…a bank holiday…so the markets were taking a blessed break from their dizzy whipsawing over the past week…

In just a bit, I’m about to start preparing for my own Easter celebration with my family. (I’m kicking off the festivities by wearing a springlike pink shirt, as you can see.) I hope you and your loved ones have a blessed and joyful weekend, whatever your spiritual tradition.

And hopefully, this video will bring you just a bit of extra good cheer as you prepare to jump back into the markets after a three-day weekend.