The Three Most Important Events for the Weekend Ahead

Today, I’m going to mix things up a bit and bring you a mid-week market update because I want you to be prepared for the some of the biggest market moving events that are set to occur this weekend.

As you’ve likely heard the biggest affair this upcoming weekend is the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan. The summit will host a series of economic meetings between some of the world’s largest economies – including the long-awaited meeting between President’s Trump and Xi as they attempt to settle the trade war that has been raging for the last several months.

I’ll be going over what I see as three of the most likely outcomes of the meetings, and what they mean for the market.

We’ll also take a look at another asset class that investors have been flocking to amid all of the volatility in stocks…


In an article earlier this month, I explained how the stock market hates a parabola (large, sharp movements on a chart). I gave an example of how stocks can come crashing back down to Earth if they fly too high, too fast – like Beyond Meat (BYND) did recently after its IPO.

I believe the same is true of the most recent rise in Bitcoin prices, and I’ll show you exactly why I feel now is the wrong time to add Bitcoin to your portfolio.

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How to Pick Apart a Fed Announcement for Profit

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC or The Fed) meets eight times a year. At the end of these two-day affairs, precisely at 2 p.m. the “Statement” is read, preceded by a one sentence report on whether or not intersest rates (the Fed Funds Rate) is changed.

Unless a surprise happens with the interest rate announcement, traders and analysts look to the language contained in the Fed’s page and a half statement for indications of the august body’s thoughts on the health of the economy, and what they might be doing with monetary policy in the future.

It’s such a popular thing to do, that many financial sites post marked up documents comparing the previous and current statements word-by-word.

I believe it would be useful for us to see why the global markets have traded up since the Fed released their most current statement.

Let’s take a quick paragraph-by paragraph review of the document and translate what the Fed-speak really means