Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The 10-Minute Millionaire?

A: 822 people become millionaires in America every day. As a member of The 10-Minute Millionaire you’ll have a real chance to join them.

This twice-a-week publication gives you the deep insights into a unique investment strategy developed by D.R. Barton, Jr., a self-made millionaire and one of the world’s leading market traders.

D.R.’s strategy consistently exploits pricing extremes in the markets for double- and triple-digit gains. It’s a strategy D.R. has used for over 25 years to create more wealth than he ever thought possible as a hedge fund manager, highly successful day-trader, and investment entrepreneur.

And now he is sharing it with you here for free, twice a week, with the mission of helping investors reach millionaire status regardless of age, trading experience, or net worth.

The best part is you’ll be able to use this system without spending hours, days, and weeks studying arcane stock charts, technical indicators, or company fundamentals. The system is so simple to learn and easy to use it only takes 10 minutes to set up.

Once you have the system in place, you can pare down the available stocks that can double or triple to just a handful a day.

Q: How does the system work?

A: In the U.S., there are about 4,000 stocks actively trading on the Nasdaq and Dow. The 10-Minute Millionaire system allows you to whittle that number down to a handful of stocks that can double or triple your money in any given day. By identifying these moneymaking doubles and triples, you can quickly take a small stake of, say, $2,500 and build it into a million dollars or more very quickly. D.R. has distilled his system into an easy-to-follow, three-step process:

    Step No. 1: Find the Extreme. D.R.’s system reduces the thousands of available stocks down to a handful of plays that can double or triple your money in any given day.
    Step No. 2: Frame the Trade. Next, D.R.’s system sets up the trade for maximum edge – and minimal risk – to make a killer profit on a big price.
    Step No. 3: Book the Profit. Finally, D.R.’s system pinpoints the exact time to take your profits, escape the scene, and move on to the next trade.

The bottom line: This is a repeatable system that allows for maximum profits at the minimal possible risk.

Q: Why do I need to read The 10-Minute Millionaire?

A: Think about your current biggest income source. Maybe it’s your paycheck or Social Security… a pension or 401(k).

Now think about how much easier your life would be if you could double or triple that income every month.

You would have the extra money to buy whatever you want, spend more time with your family, and go on vacations whenever you please.

That’s called financial freedom. And that’s exactly what The 10-Minute Millionaire offers.

D.R. Barton has spent 25 years perfecting his system for reaching a seven-figure income. D.R. will show you how to set up his system in a mere 10 minutes. Then you can be in position to start pocketing large gains from the markets every day of the week.

Q: How often will I get The 10-Minute Millionaire?

A: It will hit your email inbox twice a week.

To get each issue of The 10-Minute Millionaire as soon as we publish it – absolutely free – just click here and enter your email address. We’ll email the latest from D.R. Barton directly to your inbox as soon as he publishes it. You’ll also get special reports that we periodically send out to our most loyal readers as well as direct access to all of D.R.’s media appearances. You can access past issues and special reports at our website (

Should you ever wish to discontinue your subscription, just click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email we send you. You’ll be removed from The 10-Minute Millionaire immediately.

Q: How can such great information be free?

A: The 10-Minute Millionaire is published by Money Map Press, a leading financial publisher with over a million readers worldwide. Money Map Press and The 10-Minute Millionaire are both 100% independent of outside influence. We never affiliate, nor do we ever receive compensation from, any company we write about. We do not take outside advertising. Our sole source of income is through our subscriber investment newsletters and trading services. Thanks to these paid services, we are able to provide additional content free of charge. The 10-Minute Millionaire is absolutely free.

Q: Who is D.R. Barton, Jr.?

A: D.R. Barton is a world-renowned authority on technical trading with 25 years’ experience.

He spent the first part of his career as a chemical engineer with DuPont. During this time, he discovered the investment secret that would lead to him ultimately creating the 10-Minute Millionaire system. Thanks to the wealth he was able to create for himself and his followers, D.R. retired early to pursue his passion for investing and showing fellow investors how to build financial freedom.

Today he’s a financial author, lecturer, and coach. He has helped hundreds of thousands master powerful trading techniques. D.R. is also the co-founder and COO of the Directional Research and Trading Hedge Fund Group and holds the national spotlight as a leading expert on system designs for risk reduction.

D.R. co-authored the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling book Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom, a comprehensive guide for aggressively shedding risk without derailing profits. He is a regular analyst on Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg Radio, and has been featured on China Central Television America, BNN, MarketWatch, Financial Advisor magazine, SmartMoney, and the Van Tharp Institute.

He has also created The 10-Minute Millionaire Insider and The 10-Minute Millionaire Elite for the fastest moving trades. His book The 10-Minute Millionaire will be published by Wiley in February 2017.

Q: Can you really be a millionaire by using D.R.’s system?

A: D.R. is living proof that anyone can use this system for extreme wealth.
He’s not a Wall Street insider and has never worked in at a fancy brokerage house.

In fact, he spent half of his professional career working as a chemical engineer for DuPont.

But 24 years ago he started investing on the side. And after several years of ups and downs learning the trade, he finally hit upon a discovery that led to The 10-Minute Millionaire system.

It completely transformed his life.

The system is so simple anyone can use it, regardless of experience or background.

This isn’t an algorithmic “black box.” It’s not “robo-training.”

What D.R. has done is design a system that squeezes out emotion… filters out the noise… jams down the risk… and maximizes the potential for profits.

The bottom line: You too can be a millionaire, and D.R. is here to show you how.

Q: What is Money Morning?

A: Money Morning is the flagship publication of Money Map Press. Founded in 2006, this daily financial newsletter offers a wider scope of financial news and market analysis. You’ll get the analysis of dozens of brilliant contributors (including D.R.) and special content sent directly to your inbox every morning – absolutely free.

More than a million investors and traders around the world are members of Money Morning. Rewards include exclusive access to special content, tools, and resources, as well as money-saving offers on precious metals accounts, TradeStops’ proprietary technology, banking and brokerage accounts through EverBank, our own Money Morning loyalty rewards, and more.


Q: I want more information!

A: A customer service representative can help with any questions you have about The 10-Minute Millionaire or any of D.R.’s premium services. You can reach us by phone at 888-384-8339; international callers can telephone us at 443-353-4519. Or email us at

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