Reader Q&A – Congratulations on Behaving Like Dolphins

Isn’t it funny how dolphins “smile,” but sharks frown?

You can just tell by looking at them which one is going to be more helpful…

Over the past weekend in The 10-Minute Millionaire comment section, I’ve been delighted to see my readers behaving like dolphins.

As you know, these friendly cetaceans go out of their way to assist each other (and even creatures from other species). Notably, they’ve been observed to team up and create living rafts to help injured group members survive.

When I see readers jumping in to assist each other in the comment section, providing answers and market insight before I get there… it reminds me a little bit of these comradely mammals.

And I smile, too.

I couldn’t be more pleased to see you engaging and “building rafts” for each other.

In that helpful spirit, here are a few of the questions that you didn’t get to answer for yourselves (and one that you did).

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