This Proverb From 1642 Is Our Millionaire-Making “Secret Weapon”

In the opening battle of the 1642-1646 English Civil War, soldier and statesman Oliver Cromwell famously uttered the proverb “Put your trust in God, my boys, and keep your powder dry!” at the end of his prebattle speech.

On the surface, he was talking about gunpowder – which becomes unpredictable when mixed with moisture.

But his message was actually twofold. Cromwell wanted his troops to remain calm in the wake of battle, but he also wanted them to be prepared for an enemy attack. Dry powder allowed them to have the necessary resources on hand to respond quickly and protect themselves if necessary.

Now, while it’s unlikely you’ll be confronted by hordes of pike men, cannon balls and musketeers screaming toward you today, we can still apply this same two-pronged maxim to investing.

However, instead of powder, we have capital.

And just like the prebattle jitters Cromwell’s troops’ faced, a rare extreme is developing in the market that is leaving investors struck by panic. 

But not us.

Here at The 10-Minute Millionaire, we know how to turn the rattled market to our advantage.

And we’ll take some of Cromwell’s sage advice to do so…

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