Anatomy of a Millionaire-Making Trade

My bedtime routine is simple.

After enjoying the evening teaching youth group, watching a show or two with my lovely and talented wife, or catching up on some reading, it’s time to hit the hay.

But, as a trader, no evening is complete without a last look at the markets. Right before I run upstairs and tuck in for the night, I stop by my computer screens and make a quick run-through of the day’s activity.

Nothing too sophisticated.

I check the S&P 500 overnight trading. Then I look at the markets in Japan and China to see what’s happening there.

I’ll run through a few commodities like gold, silver, and oil to see how they’re trading in the overnight markets.

But, as it happens, on the night of May 28, just before Memorial Day weekend, at the end of my scans, I saw that something fast-paced and extremely profitable (to the tune of 100% in just two trading days) was setting up in the market.

Something I’m always looking for to make us money.

That lead me to make a bold call on the market.

A call I want to share with you today, because it really drives home the tremendous profit potential – truly millionaire-making wealth – you can tap into by targeting extremes.

Let’s take a look…

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