Before You Sit Down to Watch Sunday’s Kickoff, Here’s One Football Lesson You Need to Know

One of the most frequent questions I get about The 10-Minute Millionaire system is, “What makes this work?”

And I always start with one of the most overlooked aspects of financial markets. 

Despite all of the automation in the process, that stock market is still just a big ol’ fashioned auction. 

A sophisticated multi-trillion dollar auction, but an auction nonetheless.

And anytime human beings are involved, emotions will arise. 

And those emotional reactions give rise to the cornerstone of our strategy – extremes.

The fact that market participants get emotional shouldn’t come as any surprise.  We see emotional reactions pop up in lots of places – even in our hobbies.

Take football, for example.

This week marks the start of the professional football season. 

And while there are plenty of tried and true emotional fans out there, emotions show up in a big way this time of year in a related, but very different, place

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