Our “Dividend Warrior” Prediction Is Coming True

In late July, I told you that Real Estate Investment Trusts, or “REITs” for short, were some of the most misunderstood investments out there.

Sadly, it’s a misunderstanding that has left hundreds…maybe even thousands… of would-be millionaires starving for badly needed income.

But not us.

Our 10-Minute Millionaire system is designed to sleuth out the best opportunities in the market.

That means it’s immune to common market misconceptions that could make you miss out on unworldly gains.

As proof, we added the perfect hospitality REIT to our portfolio – RLJ Lodging Trust (NYSE: RLJ).

With this trade, we tapped into a rare profit opportunity – one that I predicted would be a top performer in our 10-Minute Millionaire portfolio.

And that prediction is starting to ring true.

After experiencing a pullback with the rest of the REIT sector early on, RLJ is on the path to a terrific recovery.

With this trade moving firmly into the green, I want to share the vital lesson this “Dividend Warrior” has to teach…

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