With This Lesson, Your Millionaire Flight Path Will Be Cleared For Takeoff

As an engineer, I’ve always been intrigued by airplanes. And why not? Flying machines are mechanical marvels-one of the ultimate achievements of engineering.

And during my professional career as an engineer, entrepreneur, investor, and hedge fund officer-and now, because of my frequent appearances as a TV investment analyst-I’ve spent a lot of time as an airplane passenger.

What this all means is that I’ve had lots of conversations with lots of pilots -private, commercial, corporate, and military.

And as a technically minded guy who also appreciates history and the arts, I truly understand how most pilots feel about flying.

There’s the science of aviation-meaning the nuts-and-bolts technology of the airplane. Then there’s the romance of flight-the freedom of being able to leave the ground and the ability to admire earth’s patchwork pattern, which can be done only from the air.

As one of my friends-a gent who has military and private flying experience-once told me, flight training at its most basic level really consists of two pieces.

There’s ground school-the book-learning part of flight training.

And then there are the actual, hands-on lessons.

And the two parts are very, very different.

As my buddy explained one time many years ago, the book-learning came quite naturally. My friend is a technically minded guy-much like me. So the study of a technical subject like this was simple-even fun.

Then came the time for him to jump into a cockpit-to learn to actually fly a plane.

“Intellectually, because of my ground school studies, I ‘knew’ everything I needed to know to be an accomplished pilot,” I remember my friend telling me. “I knew all about the pre-flight check, the radio procedures, aerial navigation, and exactly what all those dials, switches, and knobs on the instrument panel before me were supposed to do. But I needed to develop a completely separate-completely new-set of skills to bring the aircraft to life, to send it down the runway, to lift it into the sky . . . and to fly it successfully and safely once I was airborne. I needed to develop a ‘touch’ . . . instincts . . . and confidence in what I was doing. It took time. And I made mistakes. But my studies had been a good preparation. I didn’t take unneeded risks. I got better . . . then I got even better. One day . . . I realized . . . I loved what I was doing. Truly loved it.”

There’s a reason why I’m telling you this story today…

It’s a lot like what you’ll need to do to become a successful 10-Minute Millionaire.

You need to finish ground school. Then you’ll be able to get into the cockpit . . . and to develop the instincts that will let you navigate the markets, fly your trades, and go wherever you wish to.

And just as my friend learned to love flying, you’ll learn to love trading.

Especially when you see how fat your portfolio gets.

So let’s get you cleared for take-off…

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